The future of CORDÃO in your hand
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The future of CORDÃO in your hand

CORDÃO intends to launch its pilot project to finance professional support for low-income women and needs your support!

CORDÃO intends to launch its pilot project to finance professional support for low-income women and needs your support!

CORDÃO was born in May 2021, on instagram, as a way to break with the loneliness and the silence inherent to the process of having, or not having, children of our own.

In an innovative format, CORDÃO started as a community journal about the process of having or not having childrenopen to all people through the practice of writing and reading. The main goals were initiallly:

  • Promoting reflection and inviting dialogue;
  • Welcoming all experiences with empathy and without judgment;
  • Increasing the representation of diverse people and experiences;
  • Creating a safe and solidary environment for sharing;
  • Raising awareness for all the challenges involved in the process of having children.

CORDÃO has grown quickly to become an inclusive, participative and revolutionary digital community, providing a wide range of diverse experiences and realities with a space where their voices are heard and their stories are seen through the hundreds of written personal, honest testimonies that have been reaching us. No hierarchy, no judgment: we welcome all voices, all perspectives.

From instagram to the world, CORDÃO has a website where received essays are published; promotes regular in person meet-ups; stimulates dialogue through a server on discord; has a directory and map of professionals and services recommended by CORDÃO members; built a collaborative map of babyfriendly/accessible places; has a directory for disclosing business for people with children and a monthly feminist book club where books written by women are read and debated.

With almost 20k followers, CORDÃO is an observatory of the experiences and needs of in Portugal, playing a relevant role on normalizing diversity and pluralism with no taboos,no lectures, just an infinite compilation of perspectives on the subject. A collective hug. A mirror. A refuge.

The CORDÃO community has allowed us to understand that despite the positive impact of digital communities in the current context, there are gaps in the professional support offered to people beyond the most privileged groups in our society. It is also clear there is a long way to go when it comes to the sharing of quality information and defense of pregnant people's rights and postpartum women and children.

Because we are so aware of the current needs, we believe CORDÃO can not stop here!


1. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. To respond to the current gap and become active in the defence of the rights all women and pregnant people and postpartum women and people, CORDÃO has become a Non-Profit Organization whose goals are:

  • To promote high quality information and literacy on all topics related to one’s health;

  • To defend the rights of all women and pregnant people, as well as all those experiencing postpartum;
  • To develop support networks (in partnership with other existing organizations and entities);

  • To finance access to the support of a high quality professional network to all women, pregnant people and all those experiencing postpartum, who live in unfavorable economic conditions.

a) PILOT PROJECT PILOT-PROJECT the creation of a financed high quality professional support network in the areas of breastfeeding/lactation, mental health and legal right, for a limited group of underserved people who are either pregnant or experiencing postpartum in the metro areas of Lisbon and Porto.

b) INFORMATIONAL PUBLICATIONS both digital and hard copied, with helpful, well structured information, which is not always broadly distributed on a wide range of topics relevant to the journey from pregnancy to postpartum.

On the long run, UMA A UMA, aims to become a reference on the facilitation and coordination of a high quality technical and scientific support network, specialized in reproductive and women’s health and rights. One at the time (UMA a UMA), we believe it is possible to reach all underserved people in Portugal in these areas, or others.

3. BOOK CLUB. Management of a free book club, open to all people. 

4. COMMUNITY LIBRARY. Ideation and launch of the next project of CORDÃO. 

For all this, CORDÃO needs you and your support.

CORDÃO is everyone’s, for everyone. 

About the author

The Foundress

Joana von Bonhorst was born in Lisbon, is 31 years old and has been a mother for 5 years. She studied to be a fashion designer, has worked in several areas and knows how to do a thousand things. Feminist, without great answers and many doubts, she is passionate about decoding hr life's the greatest mystery: motherhood. The birth of her son was her greatest revolution and the driving force behind change.

Through her personal experience she went through the difficulties of motherhood, loneliness and felt how hard it was to get help. In an attempt to compile experiences and, one day, be able to sketch a more realistic idea of the process of having children, in May 2021 she created CORDÃO. She worked over the idea and did all the project management and social media.

CORDÃO is the project that fulfills her and she intends to take it even further, with the aim of contributing to the essential change in the way motherhood and fatherhood are experienced, not only by promoting information and disseminating realistic experiences but also by creating a network that, in fact, can support and soften the less easy realities.

She formed the CORDÃO Association in May 2022, together with Ana Rocha de Paiva, Catarina Maia, Diana Matos, Marta Cruz Lemos and Graziela Sousa, among others.


Joana von Bonhorst

Budget and due dates


Website (Completed on March 8th) - The website is up and running thanks to the tireless work of Hugo Ferreira. The principle that all work must be remunerated is fundamental to Cordon. In this way, the outstanding costs associated with the website are:

  • Creation costs
    • Base - 1100€ (100€ of initial setup + about 10x50€ (different page layout) + 5x100 (different modules)) + VAT
  • Maintenance costs
    • Domain cost - €15.38/year
    • Hosting server cost - €33.21/quarter

Creation of the Non-Profit Association (Completed in May 2022)

    • Professional Support pilot project financed for a limited group (5 to 10 people) €10,000
    • Promotional actions for dissemination and fundraising:
      • Publicity material/event: ~1000€
    • Guerrilla/zine version:
      • Design ~ 2000€  

Total without PPL Commission: 15000€

PPL commission : % requested value - 1524.43€

This budget does not include remuneration for the time dedicated to the project.

Note: all amounts raised will be communicated transparently and transferred directly to the Association. In this way, it will be possible to consult billing and expenses.

Note2: every contribution is important, if the target amount is exceeded, the amount raised beyond the target will be used in full for the implementation and fulfillment of the project.

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Somos 60!

Obrigada a todas as pessoas que têm contribuído para o nosso projecto! Estamos a um passinho mais perto de conseguir. Partilhem e divulguem o nosso crowdfunding para chegarmos...

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    Somos 60!

    Obrigada a todas as pessoas que têm contribuído para o nosso projecto! Estamos a um passinho mais perto de conseguir.
    Partilhem e divulguem o nosso crowdfunding para chegarmos cada vez mais longe.

    Muito obrigada!
    UMA A UMA <3

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