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Help to help CERCI LAMAS

CERCI LAMAS seeks more and better, to do differently in promoting the quality of life of people with disabilities. This campaign aims to help the institution renovate its snoeze...

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CERCI LAMAS seeks more and better, to do differently in promoting the quality of life of people with disabilities. This campaign aims to help the institution renovate its snoezelen room. Today they, tomorrow us. Let's help CERCI LAMAS!

The campaign "LET'S HELP CERCI LAMAS" essentially aims to address some of the needs of this institution with regard to the Snoezelen room. These rooms aim to promote the quality of life of CERCI LAMAS users, users with a high level of dependency, people with disabilities or special educational needs. These rooms are an alternative or complement to other forms of therapy, complement clinical intervention and rehabilitation. They are fundamental for sensory stimulation, especially for users with profound disorders. Today they, tomorrow us. Let's help CERCI LAMAS!

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About the author

Cerci-Lamas is a social solidarity cooperative, founded in 1979 in Santa Maria de Lamas, by a group of parents and people of good will, with the aim of immediately responding to the educational needs of children who are unadapted at school or who are simply they were out of school due to disability .

In 1980, the Special School was opened, for students with intellectual disabilities or multiple disabilities. Today, the school intervention of Cerci-Lamas is divided between a small full-time nucleus and the Resource Center for Inclusion (CRI) , accredited by the Ministry of Education in 2009 to provide psycho-pedagogical support to special education students from the School Groups of municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.

In 1995, the Occupational Activities Center was officially established for adults with severe mental disabilities, which now houses 53 users.

In 1997, the DGERT-accredited Vocational Training Center came into operation, currently sized for 35 trainees. It is intended to promote the training and transition to employment of young people and adults who, due to their learning difficulties, have not achieved basic school certification.

Since 2005, a cooperation project has been running with the Social Security Institute to monitor the beneficiaries of the Social Insertion Income of the parishes of Lamas, Fiães and Riomeão, which involves a multidisciplinary team entirely dedicated to this objective, accompanying more than 100 families .

In 2002 the new facilities were inaugurated, built from scratch to accommodate all activities in good working condition.

The construction of a home in this same space will soon be advanced.


Promote the social inclusion of vulnerable people, through the development of skills, guided by the values of autonomy, responsibility and quality of life.

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Budget and due dates

140x200cm water mattress (Sem Barreiras store - Viseu) - Reference 1/20189;

Price €1,892


- Maxi Rompa Water Column (rupa 2020 catalog) - Reference 19774;

Price €1,242


- Control panel for water column (breaka 2020 catalog) - Reference 14900;

Price €523.70


- Projector sea waves (breaka 2020 catalog) - Reference 23124;

Price 46.70€


We intend to reach this goal in 60 days.

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    Supporters of this cause will have a symbolic reward consisting of a visit to the institution in order to learn about its reality and understand the fields of action of CERCI LAMAS.

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    User works

    Supporters worth 50 euros or more will be entitled to a user's work as a result of their manual work at the institution. The reward will be delivered to Cerci Lamas' facilities upon proof of support.

    Hand-delivered (see above)

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