Avó Veio Trabalhar doesn't want to let go of his arms, not even by COVID.
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Avó Veio Trabalhar doesn't want to let go of his arms, not even by COVID.

Grandma doesn't want to let her arms down, not even through COVID. This pandemic took her by surprise and it seems that she doesn't want to let it work.

Grandma doesn't want to let her arms down, not even through COVID. This pandemic took her by surprise and it seems that she doesn't want to let it work.

She has already paraded, taught how to embroider, serigraph and even made masks. Now, Grandma needs your help.

Avó Veio Trabalhar needs help. Without the usual face-to-face workshops - moments of learning but with a few kisses and hugs in between, creative residences across the country, team building actions for companies, or customized products for new customers, the active aging promotion project faces now she is experiencing difficulties and even runs the risk of losing the space that serves as her home, in Lisbon's Penha de França neighborhood.

But it is necessary to ensure that the more than 70 Grandmothers continue to have a meeting place and a place to work. For this purpose, the crowdfunding campaign “Let's help Grandma” was born, an attempt to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in one of the most cherished projects in the city.

The model is simple: whoever wants to contribute just has to choose one of the reward levels and demonstrate, therefore, all their love for Grandma. All resulting products have a label with the serial number and the photograph of the producer - “She made it for you”. Whoever wants, of course, can always opt for the free donation.

Going shopping with Grandma is also always a way to support the project! From the masks that they painted by hand in full confinement to the pillows, through the embroidery kits on photography, by the cloth dolls, this 100% national project has already given a lot of creativity and is all in the online store - www.fermenta.org

About the author

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In 2014, the initiative started by bringing together two dozen grandparents. United by the way for manual techniques, including knitting, crochet and embroidery, A Avó Veio Trabalhar was born, a social business leveraged by Susana António, designer, and Ângelo Campota, psychologist. Design was the main tool to provide active aging in an age group above 60 and, at the same time, put an end to the loneliness to which many of these people were bound.

Embroidered gloves and silk-screened cushions were the first pieces to be sold. But Grandma quickly started to get off the couch where she worked on her work. He paraded in the middle of Chiado, traveled around the country to give workshops, had fun at summer festivals, posed in a bathing suit, graffiti murals, prepared suggestive cookies and taught his grandchildren to shop on Jumbo online. The year 2015 ends with the “Best idea of the year” award, given by Time Out.

As a project based on inclusion, he always paid in the same currency: in 2016, he participated for the first time in Arraial Lisboa Pride and took a battalion of grandparents to the street, dressed in all colors. Charisma and friendliness have been proportional to the quality of this workforce. Avó's talent was already requested by the Cannes Film Festival, by Brazilian artist Mana Bernardes, by director Jan Beddegenoodts or by singer Mallu Magalhães.

From Lisbon, Avó crossed borders. He was present at Design Week in Budapest and was the sensation artist at Duch Design Week. The survival of the project is now in the hands of several generations of grandchildren. It is in their hands that the future lies, for these and the grandmothers to come.

Budget and due dates

Value = € 12000

The value of the campaign will allow Avó to keep the doors open for another 12 months, thus guaranteeing the income from her home and the respective fixed expenses, so that she can continue to work and rock it.

Monthly rent = 900 €

Fixed expenses (water, electricity, internet) = 100 €

Campaign time = 60 days


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