Cabo Verde and its Music – a virtual museum

Cabo Verde and its Music – a virtual museum

Cabo Verde and its Music – a Virtual Museum: an online space that proposes a dive into the musical universe of Cape Verde

Cabo Verde and its Music – a Virtual Museum: an online space that proposes a dive into the musical universe of Cape Verde

The project "Cabo Verde and its Music – a virtual museum" arises following my book Cabo Verde and its Music – a Dictionary of Personalities, which was published in 2016 and traces the biographies and discographies of musicians, singers, and other personalities who make up the musical universe of Cabo Verde. Now, using material collected over a period of more than 20 years, the proposal is to create a virtual museum to share an extensive collection of information, which includes not just texts and photos, but also videos, press cuttings, posters for concerts, covers of discs and interviews among other kinds of documents. Many of these items require preparative technical work to permit them to be used in a virtual museum. To preserve memory by being able to tell its stories – this is the foundational idea from which Cabo Verde and its Music continues. And it counts on your support.

About the author

Gláucia Nogueira, a Brazilian journalist and anthropologist, has been working on several topics connected with Cabo Verdean culture since the beginning of the 1990s, when she began to collaborate with the press in Cabo Verde, contributing journalistic coverage of activities linked to the Cabo-Verdean community settled in Lisbon. The idea of making a study of Cabo-Verdean music arose in 1994, while she was spending several months in the city of Praia. In 1997 she began a long bibliographical and discographical investigation, complemented with hundreds of interviews, among Cabo-Verdean communities in France, Portugal, The Netherlands and in Cabo Verde, where she lived for 13 years from 2002 to 2014. Gláucia Nogueira holds a Masters in Heritage and Development from the University of Cabo Verde, and a Ph.D in The Heritage of Portuguese Influence from the University of Coimbra. She had published the books "O Tempo de B.Léza: Documents and memories" (2006), which will be published in an updated English edition in 2021; "Notícias que Fazem a Historia. A Música de Cabo Verde pela imprensa ao longo do seculo XX" (2007), "Batuku de Cabo Verde. Percurso histórico-musical" (2015) and "Cabo Verde and its Music – a Dictionary of Personalities" (2016).

Budget and due dates

Expenses with the creation of the site / domain / hosting for 2 years

572 Euros

Expenses with treatment of audio, video and image materials

930 Euros

Content production and editing / website update first 2 years

2400 Euros

Expenses with producing rewards

738 Euros


4640 Euros





Cape Verde & Music - Virtual Museum is now partially accessible - It depends on resources to speed up the updates that will make it not complete, as there will always be something to add, but increasingly rich in information.

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