Bicho de Prata Publisher

Bicho de Prata Publisher

Editora Bicho de Prata intends to provide Editoral Services to Águeda's region.

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Editora Bicho de Prata intends to provide Editoral Services to Águeda's region.

We intend to provide Editorial services to Águeda's region, and potencially to the entire Center region of the country, filling the existant gap by promoting regional authors. We are currently in Pre-Incubation process in Incubadora de Empresas de Águeda.

Our mission is to foster de emergence of new authors in the national literary market, supporting the unknown author by providing all the services inherent in publishing their works in a fair and transparent manner, increasing the thematic diversity of original national literature existing.

We want to work with the community, find all those united by the desire to bring new works to the world but who have not yet had the opportunity to share their story. We want to invite you to work with us and make this wish a reality.

About the author

I am a young entrepreneur following her passion for literature.
When I failed in getting a job in my training area, I enroled the Portugal 2020 training for entrepreneurship, and I now follow a different path derived from the love of letting myself get involved by the stories in the hundreds of pages of my personal collection. I want to get carried away by imagination when reading all the details, however small, and traveling through a completely different world.
I have some stories of my own, but more than sharing these same stories, I want to help others share theirs. I want to give them an opportunity, and live this magical moment with them. Who knows, maybe with you.
That is why I appeal to anyone who can, as little as it may be, to help in the creation of Editora Bicho de Prata and help to fulfill the wishes of so many authors who never thought to have a chance.

May we share some magic together. Thank you!

Budget and due dates

The following investments will be required to start the project in question:

Desktop Purchase (~ 1000 €), Multifunction Printer (100-200 €), Billing Program (~ 120 €) and Edition Program (~ 360 €);
Expenses associated with the creation of a website, namely Domain and Server Registration (~ 410 €).
Total approximate of € 2100.

The purchase of the desktop, printer and required programs will be performed immediately before the start of the project activity.
Domain and server registrations will be made during the next January, at the latest, and will be subsequently paid to the website creator.

Editora Bicho de Prata plans opening doors to the public in February / March 2019.

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