Festa do Avante! The book.

Festa do Avante! The book.

"Dias Felizes, Um olhar sobre a Festa do Avante! " is a photography book by Egídio Santos about the best party in the world!

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"Dias Felizes, Um olhar sobre a Festa do Avante! " is a photography book by Egídio Santos about the best party in the world!

This book intends to show  the Festa do Avante! in the most complete way possible. From politics, to concerts, from theater to visual arts, from sports to science, not forgetting the international area, gastronomy, or the construction of the Festival.

The book will have 180 pages, 25x30 cm format and close to 400 photographs.

It has a preface by Manuel Rocha.

Design by Agradesign.pt


The presentation will take place in September, but those who buy in advance will receive the book in July.

About the author

Born in Porto in 1970, with a Photography Course at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Egídio Santos has a 32-year career divided between photojournalism (O Independente, Exame Magazine, Jornal de Negócios) and author photography.

He photographed for dozens of books and participated in more than 40 individual and group exhibitions. It is represented in the collections of the Portuguese Center of Photography and Museum of Douro, Museum of Côa, among others.

I started going to the Festa do Avante! as a child, with my parents. In 1988 I took my camera for the first time. Since then I've photographed 16 editions of Festa!. There are close to 45,000 photographs, of which, after a painful process of elimination, I chose close to 400 for this book.

Budget and due dates

The book will be presented at the beginning of September, but those who purchase it in this campaign will receive it in July.

In addition, whoever buys it now saves 10 euros, as it will cost 40 euros in bookstores.

We are currently finalizing the design and, soon after, it will go to the graphic to be printed.

An edition like this, with 180 pages and close to 400 photographs, is very expensive, and since it is an author's edition, all sales made in advance will help to make the project viable.

Only with your trust and help can we make this book a reality!

Because, as we like to say: "There is no Party like this!"

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