Self development book series for children
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Self development book series for children

15 volumes in physical, digital and audio format with practical and theoretical activities for children

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15 volumes in physical, digital and audio format with practical and theoretical activities for children

Written for children, it has 15 volumes in physical, digital and audio format, all with practical and theoretical activities.

It accompanies not only the development of Belinha, Zeca, Carlos, Helena and Simão, but also the development of the reader himself, with whom it talks in a relaxed manner, asking him/her pertinent questions on topics as varied as acceptance, self-care, collaboration, respect, mindfulness, growth mindset, individual values, emotions or dreams.

It is ideally suited for questioner minds between 6 and 10 years old. However, it can be read from an early age (with help) or until a later age (as long as the curiosity is there).


Mental health and emotional intelligence

At the same time that it promotes the curiosity, imagination, creativity, knowledge, questioning and autonomy of children, it simultaneously promotes their mental health, in particular their emotional intelligence.

It is my intention to respect and encourage the natural development of children, so that they grow up deeply aware of themselves, with an unshakable self-esteem and self-confidence.


The characters and the stories

Get to know the characters and adventures of each story at the bottom of the page, in «Documents».


Promotion of individual reading, proactivity and autonomy


Promotion of shared reading


Social component

Being reading therapeutic, it is my intention to donate an entire collection to at least three national institutions that are dedicated to taking care of the mental health of children. Indeed, joinning the promotion of the reading habit and the democratization of the access to reading is the stimulation of mental health, in particular emotional intelligence.

May a simple story help healing!


The origin

When I looked for personal development books for children, I found none as I had envisioned it. So, drawing on the power of a good story, my experience and the knowledge acquired in personal development, I decided to create them myself.

My intention was to write what I would like my children to read. I enjoyed the experience and the end result so much that I decided to share it with the world.


The route

First, I planned, wrote, rewrote and revised the book series with a lot of love and specialized knowledge.

Then, when I decided to edit it, I contacted an illustrator (Soraya Meyer), a pager (Sara Szerszunowicz), a narrator (Teresa Silva) and a printer (Gracal), professionals with whom I have been working since then.


The future

For now, the book series, as well as its resources, is available through this crowdfunding at a promotional value.

In the future, it will be available on its own website and in children's bookstores throughout the country.

It is my intention to create an entire educational service that, through these and other imaginative and transformative stories, helps parents and educators promoting recreational reading and creative writing in children from an early age, to develop of happy, curious and mindful young readers and writers.


And from here on?

To achieve all these objectives, especially, first, the printing of the book series on recycled paper, I need your support.


How much is a child's mental health worth?

As we know, reading has numerous advantages (it improves comprehension, develops the lexicon, improves spelling, stimulates concentration for longer periods, shows the general culture, increases creativity), so investing in reading, and here also in mental health, is investing in the constant evolution of society, since "books change people and people change the world".

I leave you with this question: how much is a child's mental health worth? To what extent are you willing to contribute to the promotion of emotional intelligence in society? After all, isn't it best to bend while it is a twig?

The time has come to make a difference! Contribute to the development of happy, curious and mindful young readers.

About the author

My name is Ana Viegas and I am a writer, translator, editor and teacher of Portuguese for foreigners. I grew up surrounded by books and creating stories, with the not so secret desire of becoming a writer. I love to read breathtaking thrillers before bed and to write fantastic children's adventures upon waking up. In between, I delight myself in translating foreign authors and editing national authors. My mission is to touch the hearts of my readers and make a difference in the world through my writing.


Budget and due dates


In order to share with the world the book series of self development for children and thus contribute to the promotion of reading, the development of young readers, the promotion of mental health and make a difference in the lives of thousands of children, I need your help to raise at least 2800€, where:

  • 2540€ is intended to pay approximately half the total amount (4,996.84€) for printing 1500 books on recycled paper; and
  • 260€ is intended for the PPL commission and the payment method commission.



Since the books are already written, illustrated and designed, only printing on recycled paper is missing, which will take place throughout the month of April 2021. The rewards will follow right away, throughout the month of May 2021 .

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