"A Máquina" Series

"A Máquina" Series

José, a car painter, is fired and replaced by a machine. In the same week, Laura is sent away to teach and the long-awaited adopted son arrives.

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José, a car painter, is fired and replaced by a machine. In the same week, Laura is sent away to teach and the long-awaited adopted son arrives.

What happens when the world as we know it crumbles before our very eyes?

When all the things we've worked so hard to build are taken away from us without any kind of warning?

How do we survive in an increasingly mechanical and impersonal world, where technology advances by leaps and bounds, leaving behind those who cannot keep up?

The series "The Machine" explores these issues by following the journey of a family who, after losing everything, find themselves in an increasingly technological and impersonal world.

Réperage da Equipa - Oficina

José, a car painter, is fired and replaced by a machine. In the same week, Laura, his wife, is sent away to teach and the long-awaited adopted son arrives.


In the last decade, the theme of automation and social sustainability echoed around the world and invaded our eyes from newspapers to the media. But how can we show the consequences of this new world without resorting to generalizations or further distancing the public from reality? It is at this moment that our desire to tell this story arises. Talk about a person and not a number. To show a man who has given his whole life to a job and is replaced by a machine.

"A Máquina" is a series that seeks to realistically portray the challenges faced by modern families, as technology and automation become increasingly present in our lives. In a world where human relationships seem increasingly replaceable by machines and algorithms, the series presents the importance of family unity and empathy in the midst of these transformations. Through the story of José, Laura, and Hugo, the series shows how the same difficulties that bring us down can also lift us up. "A Máquina" seeks to move and make us reflect on the challenges of modern life.

"A Máquina" is not just the object that replaces José; it symbolizes the piece that each of us is and how we must align ourselves so that the machine that is our life works correctly.

Réperage da Equipa - Oficina

About the author


  • Bruno Grácio and Rodrigo Gonçalves - Directors
  • Catarina Bogalho - Showrunner
  • Tiago Russo - Director of production
  • Edson Etaungo - Executive Producer
  • João Alvarinhas, João Pereira - Dir. of Photography
  • Daniela Pires - Production Designer
  • Salvador Santos - Dir. of sound
  • Ricardo Cardoso - Director Making-of
  • Miguel Pereira - Coord. Promotion and Marketing
  • Catarina Bogalho - Production Coordinator
  • Filipa Valente - Head of Production
  • Henrique Afonso - Post-Production Supervisor
  • Lou Loução - Green Consultant
  • Duarte Garrocho - 1st Assist. of production
  • Violeta Varenne - 2nd Assist. of production
  • Vasco Nico G - 1st Assist. of Achievement
  • Lou Loução - 2nd Assist. of Achievement
  • Francisco Freitas - 3rd Assist. of Achievement
  • André D'Errico - Note Taker
  • Kleberson Cardoso - Researcher
  • Pedro Cosmo - Copyright Clearance
  • João Pereira and André Encarnação - Op. of chamber
  • Guilherme Marques and Henrique Afonso - 1st Assist. of image
  • Gonçalo Constantino and Tomás Gonçalves - 2nd Assist. of image
  • Madalena Busca - Scene Photographer
  • Francisco Lanca - Illuminator
  • Daniela Correia and Gustavo Condenço - Assist. of Lighting
  • Duarte Caetanito - Machinist
  • Kleberson Cardoso and Gonçalo Violante - Assist. of Machinist
  • Tomás Lourenço - Data Wrangler
  • João Cordeiro - Chief Decorator
  • Carolina Santos - prop maker
  • Afonso Lucas - Assist. from plateau
  • Sofia Cruz, Carolina Gomes, Carlota Figueiredo and Inês Ferreira - Costume Designers
  • Daniela Pires - Head of Wardrobe
  • Joana Rosa - Assist. wardrobe
  • Angela Marcos - Make-up/Hair
  • Tomás Lourenço - Editor
  • Francisco Raposo - Assist. Assembly
  • João Alvarinhas - Colorist
  • José Maximino and Tiago Guerreiro - Booms
  • Salvador Santos - Coord. PPA
  • Lourenço Gonçalves - Sound Design
  • Jose Maximino - Folleys
  • Tiago Guerreiro - ADR
  • Lourenço Gonçalves - Stereo Mix
  • Leonel Rivera - Music
  • José Maximino - Music Assist.
  • Ângela Marcos - Responsible for Strategy and Distribution
  • Francisco Freitas - Web Content Producer
  • Catarina Silva - Promotion Social Networks
  • Ricardo Cardoso - Director and Editor of Making-of
  • Filipa Valente - Transmedia Editing
  • André D'Errico - Trailer Builder
  • Bruno Grácio - Logo and Poster Design
  • Tiago Rosa - Webdesigner
  • Miguel Brito - Graphics, Credits, Subtitles
  • Duarte Caetanito - VFX

Réperage da Equipa - Oficina

Budget and due dates

Producing a series is a challenging and exciting project. We are excited to present a quality work and we want your help to make this project a reality.

Shootings are scheduled for the 18th to the 23rd of May, but we need several resources to cover the needs of each department. We are working to ensure that all aspects of the production are in order and we can deliver a cinematic work that meets audience expectations.

Although we have partial funding from the faculty, production costs are high, so we resort to fundraising.

Your collaboration is essential so that we can carry out this audiovisual production and present a quality work. If you believe in the importance of art and film, please consider supporting our academic series.

Join us on this exciting journey to realize this audiovisual production and present a work of excellence.


  • Production Department : 1000€
  • Image Department: €100
  • Art Department: 300€
  • Post-Production Department: 50€
  • Marketing and Web Promotion: 300€
  • PPL Commission: (7.5% + VAT)



  • Pre-Production - March 13th to May 12th
  • Production (Shooting) - May 13th to 18th
  • Post-Production - May 24th to June 19th
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