THE PROCEDURE | black humor short film

THE PROCEDURE | black humor short film

O PROCEDIMENTO, by director Chico Noras, is a black comedy, shoot in Santarém, which portrays a dystopian reality, exploring the fractured theme of euthanasia and reflecting on ...

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O PROCEDIMENTO, by director Chico Noras, is a black comedy, shoot in Santarém, which portrays a dystopian reality, exploring the fractured theme of euthanasia and reflecting on the value of life.



The third film by Scalabitan director Chico Noras will be shot entirely in the city of Santarém, with institutional support from the Municipality of Santarém, the District Hospital of Santarém and the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Santarém. Its regional nature is linked to the desire of its creators to mobilize the local artistic community, promoting Ribatejo art and cinema. In addition to the location, the project will have several professionals from the region, both in the casting and in the production team. The film will be starred by Paula Só and Dinarte Branco.




In a not-too-distant reality, suicide and assisted death are morally accepted procedures, introduced naturally into our daily lives. And when big capital and productivity are the only morality, then the question arises: What to do when a person stops producing? Well, if you don't earn it, you might as well die.

Maria Eugénia, recently retired, has had her death scheduled for several years. But did he properly prepare for the procedure?




The normalization of the act of dying, combined with the acceptance of its inevitability, takes us to the level of total, almost nihilistic relativism of life and death. We are taking big steps towards a world where the intrinsic value of human life is confused with its capacity to generate capital. Is dying then an act of altruism when one stops producing? Imagining this hypothetical society, strangely familiar, allows us to reflect on where we want to go. Through the look of absurd humor, we managed to have a distant and at the same time assertive view of such a delicate topic.


We will be forever grateful for your support. Many, many thanks!



"Because your end is our beginning."

About the author

50 Cuts aims to produce and support projects in the field of cinema and contribute to the film literacy of the community, having produced 6 short films "Red Queen", "A Fêmea", "Calipso", "Sophia, the sailor-poet", “Fêmea”, the documentary “Cidália” (in post-production) and co-produced the short film “Why do you hate your brother?” and “Maria José Maria”.

At the same time, in partnership with the Municipality, Parish Councils and cultural associations, it organizes cinema cycles, promotes conversations with directors and showcases short films by young Portuguese directors. Based in Setúbal, since 2017, 50 Cuts has presented a regular cultural program aimed at the general population, namely children and youth, senior population and citizens with disabilities. It continues to collaborate with the Municipality, namely in the “Meeting of Film Directors and Producers”; at “Cinema na Rua - Cultura em Movimento” and at “Film Fest”. It also promoted the “Cinema ao Ar Livre” initiative, in partnership with the Parish Council of Alcochete.

Since 2019, he has been a member of the FPCC.


Budget and due dates

Budget and Calendaring

The money raised will be used to complete the budget, financing the Logistics component of production, namely:

  • Team food: 1600€

  • Consumables: €650

  • Transport: 300€
  • Fuels: 450€
  • PPL fee: 300€


It is intended to shoot the film from April 13 to 16, 2023, in the city of Santarém.

Project schedule:

  • Pre-Production: August 1, 2022 to April 12, 2023

  • Production/Shooting: April 20 to 23, 2023

  • Post-Production: May 1 to October 31, 2023

  • Festival Circuit: year 2024

  • Cinema distribution: year 2025

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