Going Gremlin beer

Going Gremlin beer

From Mogwai to Gremlin (FMTG), is launching its first own beers and needs your help to achieve it!

From Mogwai to Gremlin (FMTG), is launching its first own beers and needs your help to achieve it!

From Mogwai to Gremlin (FMTG), is launching its first own beers and needs your help to achieve it!

This is another step in the FMTG project, which since 2019 has grown in the portuguese craft beer scene, from the online beer talks with national and international brewers during the time of confinement, to the collaborations and challenges issue to brewers, to create and brew different and experimental beers.

Now it's time to go one step further and produce the "Going Gremlin" beer, which will have two well know styles: Imperial Stout and Double IPA. For that I need your help, in order to have beer all year around! Shall we take this step together?

About the author

Hi, I'm Jaime André, and I've been in the craft beer world since 2016, participating in different craft beer festivals over the years, and launching the From Mogwai to Gremlin project in 2019. This project's initial objective was to support and promote brewers and craft beer brands, helping them to move from a peaceful Mogwai to a restless Gremlin!

But when the pandemic hit us all in 2020 and confinement became a reality, it was obvious to me that it was important to bring the craft beer community together, hence the beer talks live on instagram, take are also available on youtube (www. youtube.com/c/FromMogwaitoGremlin). Over the course of 7 months, these talks allowed me to reconnect and get to know better my brewer friends and with that, also share their personal history and journey.

And it was exactly from these interactions that the idea of challenging these brewers to make collaborative beers arose, seeking to create something new and different from what they usually do, whether in the style of beer or the ingredients used, but always with the aim of bringing added value to the craft beer scene.

Budget and due dates

This crowdfunding will be used to finance the production of From Mogwai to Gremlin's first beers, supporting the costs of raw materials, labor, use of equipment, design and printing of labels and purchase of bottles. The amount requested will thus be used in the production of two beers called Going Gremlin, in its two styles: Imperial Stout and Double IPA.

Imperial Stout will be the first to be produced (production date scheduled for August 2022) and is expected to launch in November 2022

Double IPA is scheduled for production in February 2023, with release scheduled for May of the same year.

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