Vila Martel - New Year New Album

Vila Martel - New Year New Album

In the summer of 2020 we fled to Manteigas and brought a new record in our bags. Now we need your help to make it real.

In the summer of 2020 we fled to Manteigas and brought a new record in our bags. Now we need your help to make it real.

Hello to all!

Just for coming to this page you already have our thanks because it means they were curious or interested in contributing to our project!

We are Vila Martel, a Lisbon indie rock band sung in Portuguese, and which currently has an album released called "Nunca Mais É Sábado", which is available on all digital platforms (go listen!). Since its launch in February 2020, we have had a history full of music, a good atmosphere, and countless experiences that will no doubt remain in our memory! Despite the annoyances caused by the pandemic, the years 2020 and 2021 have been marked, until now, by a series of achievements for us, including the presence on several national radio tops of reference with our singles "Não Nos Deixem Ir Embora" and "Ninguém", adding the latter more than 25 000 streams on Spotify! Our presence was also noticed on stage, with the first concert as headliners in the " Titanic Sur Mer ", presented in the final of the contest "EDP Live Bands" with performance in Campo Pequeno, finalists also of the contest "Festival Emergente" with a performance at the Capitólio, and several live sessions recorded, including the one recorded at Fnac do Chiado, in the context of the edition of the album "Fnac Novos Talentos 2020" where we entered with our song "Tanto Céu", and in the auditorium Carlos Paredes to the Lisbon City Council.

Live Session no Auditório Carlos Paredes para a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

After about a full year and with so many experiences, we now have new songs that we want to compile on a second album by our band. Despite the good feedback and reach obtained with the first album, we now dream further, wanting this new album to make us fly higher, establishing ourselves as a reference project in the Portuguese music scene. For this to be possible, investment is necessary so that all the creative processes of this new album are made with the support of qualified professionals in the area, be it in the recording, production, mixing, and mastering so that our sound goes one step further.

It is here that we ask for your help, with whatever amount you can give, to contribute to the realization of this project of ours that entails an investment that is difficult to bear. In exchange for your support we will have exclusive merchandising articles to offer, which depend on the amount donated, in addition to the album that after being made and released, all of you will be able to hear. Culture needs our support. We need your support.

Let's help!

About the author

Vila Martel is a young indie rock band sung in Portuguese. They debuted with their first and only album until now entitled "Nunca Mais É Sábado", with the aim of creating a sound that could be modern and with a distinctive Portuguese trait. The two singles "Não Nos Deixem Ir Embora" and "Ninguém" had a major projection on Portuguese radio and major streaming platforms. The band consists of Rodrigo Marques Mendes (Voice), Francisco Botelho (Guitar), Francisco Inácio (Guitar), Afonso Alves (Drums) and Tiago Cardoso (Bass).

Since the release of "Nunca Mais É Sábado", the band has had a series of successful milestones of which they stand out:

- Single "Não Nos Deixem Ir Embora" in the first place of the national top of Vodafone FM

- Single "Ninguém" in the first place of the top of the news of Vodafone FM, sixth place of Antena 3, and presence in the playlists "Indie Lusitano" and "New Music Friday" on Spotify.

- Music "Eu Sou a Falha" with presence in the playlist "New Music Friday" on Spotify.

- Presence in the final of the contest "EDP Live Bands" with performance in Campo Pequeno

- Presence in the final of the "Emergente Festival" with performance in the Capitol

- Participation in the album "Fnac Novos Talentos 2020" with the song "Tanto Céu"

Sessão fotográfia em Lisboa

Budget and due dates

The budget for this project includes mastering, mixing, studio, audio and production editions, totaling € 9900. Since the amount requested in this campaign is less than half of the necessary budget, we intend to raise the remaining funds through support for culture and own investment.

Note: The values of each process are not discriminated against in order to safeguard the privacy of the technicians and professionals who work with us, namely the price they charge.

Regarding the schedule, the project is already under development in a pre-production and composition phase, planning to start the production and recording phases in May.

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