Poison - University Project

Poison - University Project

VENOM, is a 5-episode mini-series that follows Laura, a medical student, after discovering that she may have been to blame for the death of her best friend.

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VENOM, is a 5-episode mini-series that follows Laura, a medical student, after discovering that she may have been to blame for the death of her best friend.

The concept for VENENO was born in October 2023, when students in the Audiovisual Creation Atelier discipline were challenged to develop the script for a pilot episode, which fits the theme "The Fascination of Madness". And here VENENO was born, a mini-series of 5 episodes, 12 minutes each.

After many months of work, in January 2024 we submitted the script for our pilot episode and obtained the greenlight, to move on to the pre-production phase that began in February.

In the pilot, the main character, Laura, a medical student, is taken by surprise when she discovers that her best friend, Iris, is hospitalized after suffering a serious car accident. Already at the hospital, Laura looks for her friend Lucas, who, seeing her despair, offers her an opioid. From then on, Laura starts to consume it frequently... When she finally manages to visit her friend, Íris complains to Laura about pain in her leg. After much insistence from Íris, Laura gives in and medicates her friend, despite not having authorization to do so. That same day, Laura discovers that Iris has passed away... Laura is panicked and fears that she was to blame for her best friend's death.

In June, after the production of the pilot, it will be presented to representatives from RTP and TVI, with the expectation of working in partnership with one of these channels to develop the remaining episodes of the series.


About the author

We are a group of second-year students studying Cinema and Media Arts at Universidade Lusófona, working on the pilot episode of our first mini-series.

In October our team had 12 students working on the development phase of the project, and today we have 22 students working simultaneously in the different departments of production, direction, image, sound, art, post-production and behind the scenes .

VENENO is not just a university project, it is also an investment in our training and experience as future workers in the Audiovisual sector. Today we are studying so that in the future we can take Portuguese cinema and audiovisual to the world.


Budget and due dates

€1100 divided between:

  • €350 in material transport; technical team and actors
  • €100 in consumables ( gaffer tape ; batteries; surgical adhesive tape; etc.)
  • €400 in props and costumes
  • €250 in general costs (energy consumption; insurance associated with the structure; equipment maintenance; etc.)


We hope that by April 20th we have managed to raise enough funds to produce our series.

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