A couple of young girls become nomads in search of new opportunities, but their different ambitions end up separating them.

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A couple of young girls become nomads in search of new opportunities, but their different ambitions end up separating them.

Eva and Sónia, two orphans, in their 20s, with different backgrounds, are in a love relationship in which the only thing that unites them is a van that they use to subsist, traveling around the country. We will follow the nomadic life of both, in a troubled journey of the last moments of this relationship.

Eva is a 22 year old girl, impulsive, independent, confident, but also individualistic and stubborn. One of her biggest fears is abandonment, something that is a consequence of certain childhood traumas. He has always had few hobbies and interests, however, he resorts to reading a lot to entertain and calm down. Your ambitions are few and very simple. He just wants to survive and get a better van than the one they have at the moment. Regarding his past, he lived in a suburban neighborhood during the drug crisis of the 90s in Portugal. He always had a family with several problems including the constant presence of drugs, domestic violence and prostitution.

Joana Pialgata interpreta Eva no teaser oficial da Vanette

She was taken from her parents when she was 15, starting a transition from foster home to foster home. Meanwhile, at the age of 17, he meets his future partner, Sónia, in one of those shelters. From that moment onwards, Eva feels more protected and emotionally stable. They quickly fall in love with each other. When he turns 18, he leaves the foster home together with Sónia. From a certain point on, he starts to prostitute himself to help earn some money to survive in that nomadic life, something that comes naturally and that he does without any shame or discomfort.

Sónia is a 24 year old, intelligent and introverted girl. She is dedicated to everything she does and even the odd jobs she gets along the way. She is sometimes too authoritarian, and doesn't show her emotional side, even to Eva, because she thinks this makes her vulnerable and weak. For this reason, he ends up passing the idea that he is a cold person. One of her biggest fears is the uncertainty of the future with Eva, as they don't have a stable home or job. He always had a great passion for music. One of the few things he takes with him wherever he goes is a cassette player he's had since he was a kid.

Teresa Mello interpreta Sónia no teaser oficial da Vanette

Regarding her past, she was also in several foster homes like Eva, however, she never met her parents. It is only known that it was abandoned in front of a church with only 4 days of life. He always felt a certain lack of a mother and father figure in his life.

This role will be played by actress Kim Ostrowskij.

Note of Intent:

With Vanette we believe that we can experience another side of what a nomadic life is like. When we ask someone or imagine what it is like to be a nomad, an image of a free spirit, a reunion with ourselves or even a perfect life without problems or worries automatically comes to mind. Our characters' lives are anything but.

The Vanette differential is exactly that. We do not want at all to romanticize the nomadic life as we know it and the preconceived idea we have of these people. We do want to emphasize the reality and difficulties of the journey of these two girls and the way of life that they were forced to choose and that, as a consequence, will destroy their relationship.

Vanette is the model of the van that will accompany the journey of these two girls. As you will discover, this van represents much more than a simple means of transport. This van, in addition to being the home of both, accompanies them in the self-destruction of this relationship. The Nissan Vanette will deteriorate as they move away. We decided to treat her almost like a character. The van is a reflection of their relationship.

Destruction can become the beautiful. we want to make a film that touches everyone and raises awareness, through the coldness that this relationship has become as the kilometers increase. We want to give voice to those who follow different and peculiar paths and ways of life. We believe that our film will make you feel a journey of emotions in relation to these two young women who have no home and only have a 4-wheel vehicle that ends up destroying their relationship.

About the author

The 'Vanette' team is made up of final year students from the degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and from the degree in Sound Sciences and Technologies at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies. Above all, we are a team that wants to see this movie happen. We wish We promise to do everything and not look at means until we achieve our goals. For this we need your help!


Production department:

  • Production Director: Diogo Palma
  • Production Coordinator: Herinque Marques
  • Production Manager: Iris Sequeira
  • 1st Production Assistant: Ana Lourenço
  • 2nd Production Assistant: Mónica Martins
  • 3rd Production Assistant: Carlota Morato

Realization Department:

  • Directed by: Maria Beatriz Castelo
  • 1st Assigned Director: Rodrigo Godinho
  • 2nd Ass. Directed by: Catarina Miguel
  • Annotation: Madalena Rosa

Art Department:

  • Art Direction: Marianan Cabanita
  • Chief Decorator: Catarina Almeida
  • Art Assistant: Joana Guerra
  • Art Assistant: Rita Guerra
  • Plateau's signature: Diogo Bento
  • Propist: Diogo Bento
  • Head of Wardrobe/Costume Designer: Joana Seixas
  • Wardrobe Assistant: Eliana Caleia
  • Makeup/ Hair: Madalena Carvalho

Image Department:

  • Director of Photography: Miguel Faustino
  • Camera Operator: Miguel Faustino
  • Focus Puller: João Fangueiro
  • 2nd Sign Image: Miguel Costa
  • Chief Illuminator (Gaffer): Carlos Zenida
  • Lighting Ass.: Rodrigo Pedras
  • Lighting Assistant: Rafael Florêncio
  • Chief Engineer: André Alves
  • Video-Assist: Duarte Felgueiras
  • Data Wrangler: Miguel Costa
  • Making Of: Duarte Carvalho
  • Scene photographer: Vasco Soares

Post-Production Department:

  • Post-Production Coordinator: Íris Sequeira
  • Editor 1: Joana Guerra
  • Editor 2: Maria Beatriz Castelo
  • Assembly Assistant: Ricardo Bacalhau
  • Colorist 1: Miguel Faustino
  • Colorist 2: Débora Paulino
  • Generics, Credits, Graphics: Duarte Carvalho
  • Graphic Designer: Francisco Santos
  • Trailer montage: Joana Guerra
  • Making Of Editing: Duarte Carvalho
  • Subtitles: João Peixoto

Marketing and Promotion Department:

  • Marketing and Web Promotion: Diogo Palma
  • Creation of promotional material: Diogo Palma
  • EPK: Diogo Palma

Sound Department:

  • Post-production supervision:
  • Capture: Ricardo Barrileiro
  • Perchist:
  • Sound Design:
  • Sound Design Ass.
  • Foley:
  • Foley Sign:
  • ADR:
  • ADR Sign:
  • Mixture:
  • Mixing Assignment:
  • Music Sign:

Budget and due dates

Vanette is an academic project that will be partially funded by the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias , however, and due to its complexity, it is a project with a high production cost. This time, we need to raise extra funding. That's why you're here. (Thanks for reading this far, by the way!) Your help is extremely important to us! Even if you can't make a monetary contribution, help us by sharing our campaign with as many people as possible.


  • Production Department: 1500€
  • Art Department: 500€
  • Department of Direction and Image: 100€
  • PPL commission (9.225%): €110.70

The shooting dates of our project are scheduled to be between the 16th and the 20th of March of this year.

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