Let's go to penalties, but with affection!

Let's go to penalties, but with affection!

Im happy to present you the first game "Let's go to penalties, but with affection", which transforms any minimum space into a trully soccer stadium, where everyone can taste the...

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Im happy to present you the first game "Let's go to penalties, but with affection", which transforms any minimum space into a trully soccer stadium, where everyone can taste the emotions of the king sport. ;-)


Everyday, technological evolution has an increasingly and an brutal impact, both in our personal and professional lives. But its not all good news. Because of this, more and more young people, even in young ages, become "dependent" of mobiles, and tablets, causing isolation, dependency, loneliness, and selfishness, and these are becoming, each day, more frequent and worrying, leading to family disconnection early.



This is where this idea comes in. Not to replace technologies (this is impossible), but to create “rest breaks” with soccer games and competition, in order to combat the distance within the family. For this to be possible, I created a game that can be played at home, restaurant, cafes, but also, even in social gatherings, parties, the beach, or swimming pools, given its simplicity of play, ability to involve, transport, and most importantly, interactivity.

Equipa nos balneários


But how can parents and children join together for an idea, not only with the desire to spend time, but also to have fun? Simple, I brought together two of the most irresistible ingredients: Soccer (passion) + Laughter (affection and family communion) + Cards game.

“Let's go to penalties, but with affection”, is an extremely easy game to play, even for those who don't know anything about football :-), and consists only, in a deck of 60 cards, in which the vibration of the football world is felt as if we had a stadium, while scoring and defending penalties but…  with no ball :-). In this game, adults become children, and children meet and play with the “child” that exists within adults. So this game is aimed at the family and focused on children from 5 to 12 years old.

A Taça tão desejada


Its time to " rescue ", even for brief moments, our moments of real interaction with our childrens, through "healthy madness", to remember later with a lot of goals, and competition.

If we want everyone, and we all agree with these concerns, let's go, friends, because it is possible. Our children are grateful. 😊

About the author


My name is Adelino Figueiredo, and I am a portuguese communication designer. 

I believe that a better society is only possible with happy families, and these can only be achieved with close and affective relationships between its members.

It was this idea that led to the need and origin this game.

So I would like very much your support me to develop this idea and make it big, or even, really big. Therefore, they will also be included in the rewards in a unique way that will only exist at the moment of launch.

Will and determination are not measured by quantity, but by intensity.

It is in the change of this paradigm of dependence on mobile phones and disconnections, that my passion feeds and gives me the strength to bring this project to a successful conclusion, and to help with positive moments, all families that want it and feel that it is necessary to change this situation.




Budget and due dates

This 2. 500.00 euros financing will be used to:

Brand creation and idea registration: 320.00 €

Production of games, extra plastic packaging and gifts: 1350.00 €

CTT deliveries: 420.00

Online advertising: 180.00 €

PPL fee: 230.63 €

After the closing of the PPL financing, I have the entire process of producing games and finalizing the rewards in order to be sent to the home of each of the supporters, in the order of entry. Therefore, we have a deadline of about 1 and a half months to finish and send all rewards after the campaign closes.

However, they will have all the information about the operation, which can be followed on this website and on the Facebook page "Let's go to penalties, but with affection", for total transparency, where you can contact me in different ways, mobile phone, email, messenger on my game page. :-)

Very important: If it does not reach the desired amount (2.500.00), the entire amount will be returned in full, without any discount, to the account of each one who participated.

Whoever can/wants to receive it in hands, I will meet it in a public place with great affluence, in Lisbon, and advertising place and time for those who are interested in combining too, to give in hands the rewards.

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