Rom - Series

Rom - Series

In a housing estate in Lisbon, a young gypsy lives a forbidden love.

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In a housing estate in Lisbon, a young gypsy lives a forbidden love.

Throughout life, it is our options, choices and environments to which we are exposed that define us. Decision-making is something that is not born with us but develops over time and is based on all our experiences, on what we were and what we are, making us different from those around us.

Nowadays there is still a lot of difficulty for people to express themselves in a society accustomed to judgments towards those who do not follow standardized norms.

We want to show the difficulty in taking a position different from the ideals of the world we live in and the strength and courage it takes to do so. Our goal with this series is that everyone can understand the problem, regardless of their culture, and that they become aware of this cause.


In a neighborhood in Lisbon where people from different communities live, everyone knows each other and lives together in full communion. Isaías is a 24-year-old gypsy young man, who lives in the neighborhood with his family, who he is very close to and has a great relationship with, he will have his marriage to Tatiana in a few weeks. Isaías was always an exemplary young man and always respected the community a lot, always having his family as a mirror, but everything changed when he began to develop a secret relationship with Samuel. Samuel, a 22-year-old Caucasian young man from the neighborhood, lives with his family but does not have a good relationship with them, he has the desire to leave the neighborhood because he feels that he will never be free there to express his true feelings for Isaías.
The story we want to tell will be the direction this relationship will take, and how difficult it will be for Isaías to live up to the rules of his community.

Clemente Vicente

About the author

The team of the "Rom" series consists of a group of 2nd year students from the Degrees in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and in Sound Sciences and Technologies at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies.


Showrunner: Giovanna Figueiredo

Directors: Gonçalo Barreto and Guilherme Simões

1st Assistant Director: Mafalda Oliveira

Annotator: Carlota Morato


Executive Producer: Rita Freire

Production Director: Catarina Miguel

Production Coordinator: Luís Domingues

Production Manager: Laura Almeida


Director of Photography: Margarida Ribeiro

Illuminator: João Ferreira

Engineer: Henrique Armez


Production Designer: Leonor Vasconcelos

Chief Decorator: Teresa Benevides

Costume designer: Julia Narvion

Wardrobe Chief: Inês Romero

Makeup and Hair: Diana Coelho


Sound Director: Susana Alves

Editors: Gonçalo Feio and Pedro Menezes  

Sound mixing: Rodrigo Soares

Music: Tiago Fernandes and Susana Alves

Graphics and Credits: Ricardo Resende

Colorist: Iuri Vieira


Responsible for Strategy and Distribution: Matilde Reis

Promotion and Marketing Coordinators: Duarte Forte

Web Content Producer: Álvaro Cunha

Promotion of Social Networks: Pedro Silva

Webdesigner: Thiago Santos

Logo design: Lara Mendes

Budget and due dates

Our expenses during the filming period are distributed as follows:

Production: 140€

Art: 200€

Image: 100€

Transmedia: 20€

PPL commission (5%): €46.13

Filming will take place from April 28 to May 3.

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