Ride n' Go

Ride n' Go

The Ride n' Go project is based on a digital platform that serves as a means of sharing car trips between business, student and event communities.

The Ride n' Go project is based on a digital platform that serves as a means of sharing car trips between business, student and event communities.



Currently, the demand for alternative means of transport is immense: many people complain about the limitations of timetables and inconvenience of public transport.

In addition, there are still problems with car transport. Its overuse is an unsustainable alternative due to high travel costs, car congestion, overcrowding of parking spaces and the emission of polluting gases.

Furthermore, due to the pandemic nature of Covid-19, many companies and   institutions fear the use of public transport by their employees.

Society needs, more than ever, an economical, sustainable and safe means of transport.

In   in order to solve these problems, we are developing Ride n 'Go .

THE   Ride n 'Go is a digital service that aims to promote the sharing of car trips between communities . The mobile app seeks to facilitate and make transportation to workplaces, student centers and events across the country safer and more conducive to reducing the number of vehicles on the road and their associated travel costs, by providing carpooling- promoting tools . For   Besides that, we also intend to appeal to the reduction of the individual ecological footprint and facilitate sociability between individuals in the same community.

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We believe that Ride n 'Go is an effective alternative means, as it focuses on the 3 essential areas in today's consumer mind: savings, sustainability and security .


With all the events that have occurred recently, we perceive that society feels insecure and remote. Pandemics, financial crises and natural disasters are capable of shaking any individual. We, at Ride n 'Go, believe that it is only in the union between people that communities are able to be prosperous and evolve from the state in which they find themselves .

Hence, the creation of this platform will be the means by which we want to bring the world closer.

Being entirely made up of young university students, our team embraces this project with 3 main objectives in mind: to reduce the expenses associated with daily transportation, reduce the individual ecological footprint and increase the proximity between individuals in the same community . However, due to the pandemic nature, we want to provide safer daily trips , by avoiding travel in transport with high numbers of passengers.

We believe that this is the project that fits with our team, as we are young people with the ambition to improve the conditions of society .

About the author

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The Ride n 'Go team consists of 6 members from the most diverse areas, being exclusively composed of university students. Thus, with regard to the startup sectors, the elements of this are found in the following departments

  • Beatriz Agante (student of Computer Engineering and Telematics at UA) - Development of the Prototype / Application;
  • David Silva (Economics student at FEP) - Financial and Statistics Management;
  • Miguel Oliveira (Architecture student at FAUP) - Marketing and Multimedia;
  • Ricardo Faria (Mechanical Engineering student at FEUP) - Prototype / Application Development;
  • Simão Sil (Student of Languages and Business Relations at UA) - Marketing, Multimedia and Website development;
  • Tiago Silva (Management student at FEP) - Development of the Prototype / Application and Financial Management.

Budget and due dates

To start the startup, the project has the following expenses:

  1. Publication of the app on platforms; - $ 100;
  2. Intellectual property: Patents and legal protection; - 500 €;


In assets, the monthly costs of the platform will be around the following values:

  1. Platform prototyping and maintenance; - 5-25 € / month;
  2. Disclosure of the platform through distribution channels - 10 € / month;
  3. Accounting - 60 € / month.

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