Quinta da Ribeira - Organic Farming

Quinta da Ribeira - Organic Farming

Create a new concept, in the heart of Sintra

Create a new concept, in the heart of Sintra

We believe it is essential to know the origin of the products we consume. As such, we want to produce vegetables in an organic way and allow consumers to have access to them at their place of cultivation.
We are committed to supplying fresh vegetables with an original flavor. We guarantee that all our products are specially cared for, through sustainable production and without the use of chemicals. Thus, we intend to create a bio market on the ground that allows everyone to have access to what we create in our soils. Our goal is to add quality to the nature that surrounds this wonderful place, also supplying wines from the Sintra region as well as small homemade products. Along with marketing on the ground, we will set up a distribution network that will take all the vegetables you want to your home.

To complement what we have done so far, we need a small contribution in order to put the vision into practice. We need you to place your trust in us and we will create the ideal conditions for you to come to love the place and our products. Your investment in this project will be a small step towards implementing our vision, in a space that has tremendous potential.

About the author

My name is Manuel Serrano, I am 25 years old, I grew up in the Sintra region and I always had a great passion for nature and agriculture. At the moment, in addition to carrying out this project, I am finishing my Master in Agronomic Engineering at Instituto Superior de Agronomia. The opportunity to develop this idea came, after the launch of a competition, by the Municipality of Sintra, which offered rustic land to anyone interested in exploring it for agricultural purposes. I ended up winning the contest, having been given the land on which I am developing this project.

Budget and due dates

The necessary investment, at this moment, will serve to create a structural base so that in December it is already possible to start sales. For now, we want to rebuild some of the infrastructure that exists on the ground. We want to restore a tank for irrigation, one that will serve as a wash for the products to be sold and part of an old agricultural shelter, with the aim of making it a place for storage and an office.

We also want to build a wood-based structure at the top of the land that will serve as a market for the sale and distribution of our products, as well as to carry out a general cleaning of the space, create fences in certain areas and establish a parking lot. in order to guarantee the easy movement of the consumer in our facilities.

In the long term we have as objective, the implementation of a greenhouse to facilitate the production, the lifting of the walls that have been falling over the years, a general cleaning of the stream that runs along the borders of the land, as well as complementing the vegetables with the introduction of a vineyard and a small orchard.

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