Help us to Reboot the Planet
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Help us to Reboot the Planet

We teach the Sustainability theme in an uncomplicated, accessible and digital way. Because we need everyone's effort to live in a better world.

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We teach the Sustainability theme in an uncomplicated, accessible and digital way. Because we need everyone's effort to live in a better world.

Yesterday they wanted us to change, today we are change.

Quarantine has provided a reduction in greenhouse effects and climate change, but it is still not enough. It also raised many other pertinent issues: social isolation, mental health, adopting new habits, improving working conditions, valuing culture, rethinking the future of work and tourism, valuing health professionals, among others.

And if we told you that all this is Sustainability , would you believe?

Sustainability is much more than planting seeds. It is environmental, social and financial . And it's about contributing to a better, fairer and more inclusive world.

We need to reinvent ourselves.
As a society, as a community, as neighbors, as a family, as friends, but mainly as people . The pandemic showed us that the world does not wait for us and that is why we cannot just sit still, sitting in our homes, isolated. There is a lot to do, either physically or remotely.

We teach you how. Whatever your pace, your commitment, each action counts, each reinvention contributes to a better world. Thus was born Reboot .

Born from the desire to demonstrate how Sustainability is in all things, we teach the subject in an uncomplicated, accessible and digital way through simplified communication on social networks ( ) .


For this we have a volunteer team, trained in communication, sustainability, innovation, engineering and social sciences, who work daily in curation and content production.

We also have the support of our Communication Advisor Catarina Barreiros (@catarinafpb // Do Zero) and the support of the European Commission , having 3 Official Ambassadors of the European Climate Pact movement in our team.

Advisor Catarina Barreiros e Embaixadores oficiais Climate Pact (Comissão Europeia)

Together, we are developing Reboot Events so that you can put into practice what you have learned. This being the reason for our crowdfunding, we intend to create 7 events by the end of 2021 that demonstrate how Sustainability is in our day-to-day, even if we don't notice:

  • #1: Rethinking the Future of Tourism

  • #2: Bike Workshop

  • #3: Conversations with Influencers

  • #4: City Gardens

  • #5: Refugee Talks

  • #6: Year 2021 Review

  • #7: Sustainable Chef: Christmas Edition


About the author

Reboot is a non-profit organization that brings people together to create a community focused on restoring a thriving planet and combating the climate crisis. Like?

  • Through Digital Awareness : As a team composed of young professionals in different areas and with experience in organizing events, we use our knowledge in technology to digitally encourage the indifferent to become an active part of the commitment to adopt sustainable practices for the planet. Therefore, we propose to teach Sustainability in an uncomplicated way.

Portugal a Sentir-se Cheio de Energia (

With a communication adapted both for an indifferent public and for the informed population, our main objective is to unite people and help them on their journey within the Sustainability theme , clarifying all the doubts that arise and bringing new topics for discussion.

  • Through Sustainable Events: People connect with each other, learn from each other and the influence of others in acquiring new knowledge is crucial to changing habits . Therefore, even if conditioned by the pandemic, we propose to create 7 events throughout 2021 that demonstrate how Sustainability is in our daily lives.

(Re)pensar o Futuro do Turismo

Budget and due dates

We have the human resources, time and dedication, however we still need help . Despite all the volunteer work of our team, motivation and collaboration of entities and local initiatives, there are costs that we cannot cover, which this crowdfunding will make it possible to finance!

➡️ Social Networks (€349.67) : It is crucial to get the message across. We intend to monetize the funds to implement awareness campaigns and teach more people about sustainability issues, between September and December 2021.

  • The promotion of a Facebook/Instagram post was simulated which will be representative of what will be the weekly promotion of a post for 4 months (from September to December 2021). In this promotion 20€ will be used weekly, that is, 2.85 euros/day. For these values, it is expected as a result an estimated daily reach of 3,400 to 9,700 people per week, reaching values of 23,800,000 to 67,900,000 in Portugal.

  • For this ad simulation, a representative segmentation of the public following Reboot on Instagram was used , between 25 and 50 years old, female and male, using Portuguese as the language of Portugal. This segmentation will be adapted to each publication, in order to reach the public with the greatest interest in it.

➡️ Software (104.20€): To be used between September and December, these will allow us to carry out innovative events and work daily as the remote team of volunteers that we are.

  • Later: 50% Non-profit Discount = €8.85 / Month * 4 Months = €35.40

An all-in-one digital marketing platform for major social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). To assist us in planning, analyzing, reporting and publishing with scheduling, in order to reach more people and keep our internal organization up to date.

  • Bubble: 30% Non-profit Discount = €17.20 / Month * 4 Months = €68.80

A technology to build websites without code. Our knowledge of programming within the team is limited, so this is the perfect tool to help us build a website quickly and quickly, to show all the projects we develop.

Therefore, the budget for this campaign will help us to:

Crowdfunding Campaign €500 = € 46.13 (PPL Commission) + €68.80 (Bubble) + €35.40 (Later) + €349.67 (Social Networks)

  • Support the existence of Reboot

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    3€ or more

    Support the existence of Reboot

    By choosing this package you are supporting the existence of Reboot. And it is from the bottom of our heart that we want to thank you personally by email, written privately by one of our team members.

    28 backers

  • Exclusive Zero Waste Workshop with Chef Nuno Gonçalves

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    30€ or more

    Exclusive Zero Waste Workshop with Chef Nuno Gonçalves

    Challenge yourself to cook without waste! What to do with the leftovers? You'll find out in this incredible workshop with meal included. Limited to a maximum number of participants, to occur between September and December 2021. Online vs In person depending on pandemic conditions (covid19)

    4 backers

  • 2 Workshops taught by European Commission Climate Pact Ambassadors

    Invest with
    60€ or more

    2 Workshops taught by European Commission Climate Pact Ambassadors

    - Circular Economy Workshop; - Design Thinking Workshop; Workshops taught by Project Leads of the NGO Reboot, also Climate Pact Ambassadors of the European Commission and trained in Circular Economy by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation. Online format. To take place between September and December 2021.

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  • Sustainability and Communication Consulting for your business.

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    200€ or more

    Sustainability and Communication Consulting for your business.

    We will do a consultancy for your business in the areas of internal Sustainability as well as external communication, delivering solutions to the problems encountered.

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