Carmo, after losing his sister, lets himself be infected by a group of 3 women in order to satisfy his distressing need for belonging.

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Carmo, after losing his sister, lets himself be infected by a group of 3 women in order to satisfy his distressing need for belonging.


Religion, culture and morality are myths that inhabit the collective imagination of a population so that groups cooperate effectively. The human being needs to feel that he belongs, even if he does not fully understand what he belongs to or because he feels he needs to belong. This need is not rational or conscious, it results from the contagion to which we have been exposed since we were born. We are not born to share the imaginary of those around us, it is transmitted to us and we are infected.
It is this sense of collective and belonging that we want to portray in this short film.

"Deus há-de nos perdoar."

“Quatro Terços” will tell this story divided into 3 short chapters that address the 3 phases of contagion. The phase of transmission, progression and acceptance of contagion.
The brotherhood, irreverence and freedom of a group of 3 women who deviate from the conventional, will chain a young woman looking for something that integrates and guides her.

"Tudo aqui de uma forma ou de outra é pecado."

While this character represents the ingenuity of the intrinsic desire to belong and the brutality of the contagion to which she is willing to expose herself, to satisfy the need for integration.
The group is a generic representation of the motivating power of culture, the dark side that we deny and the contradictory beliefs that we ignore and that are present in the cultures in which we believe to be inserted.
This one will brutally expose our character who cannot acquire half beliefs and that in order to belong to him, he will have to fully practice the way of life he proposed.


“Quatro Terços”, is a short film that will live from the expression of feeling by the actors, from the sound and choreographic power, from slow events and from the scenic aesthetics created by the religious décors and the costumes that elevated these women.
The “Four Thirds” spaces will live on Catholicism contrasting with the sin and impurity that the group associates with, creating a contradiction between the beliefs and the acts practiced.

Given the country's circumstances, the pre-production phase is being done at a distance, and we have been trying hard to make it a reality with our own means, but even with our best efforts we have reached a point where it is impossible to complete this project without the help of more people.
With this we use this means to get help in financing this project, which may also be yours.
So join us!

About the author

The 'Quatro Terços' team is made up of finalists in the degree of Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and in the degree of Science and Sound Technologies at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies of Lisbon.
We are a united team, above colleagues, we are friends, with a huge desire to bring this story to life.
We are a group of students who strive daily to do the best job possible and make this project happen.

We have the presence of actresses Beatriz Leonardo, Filipa Louceiro and ballerina Carina Russo


The team consists of:

Director / Scriptwriter: Sandro Tordo
1st Assistant Director : Manuel Caeiro
Annotator: Margarida Caldas

Production Director: Tatiana Voss
Production Coordinator: Daniela Dias
Head of Production: Laura Rosa
Production Assistants: Sofia Ribeiro and Tomás cautela

Director of Photography: Fernando Tavares
Camera Operator: Fernando Tavares
Focus Puller: Pedro Estevez
2nd Image Assistant: Ciro Amaral
Video-assist: Filipe Ferreira
Data Wrangler: Filipe Ferreira
Chief Illuminator: Inês Lourinho
Lighting Assistants: Afonso Moura and Beatriz Sganzerla
Assistant Engineer: Francisco Figueiras
Scene Photographer: Benoit Bruére
Making-of: Francisco Abreu and Mariana Carvalho

Production Designer: Sara Santos
Chief Decorator: Inês Lopes
Art Assistant: Carlota Sempere, Edson Daniel and Susana Ramos
Plateau Assistant: Inês Lopes
Costume Designer: Susana Ramos
Wardrobe Assistant: Joana Contente
Makeup and Hair: Ana Ezequiel

Sound Director: Diogo Leitão
Perchist: Pavel Orlov
Sound Recorder: Pedro Paiva
Sound Post-Production Supervisor: Ana Rita Jesus
Sound Designer: Rodrigo Fernandes
Sound Designer Assistant: André Lourenço
Foley Artist : Ana Rita Jesus
ADR: Diogo Leitão
Mixture: André Lourenço
Mixing Assistant: Rodrigo Fernandes

Post-Production Coordinator: Tatiana Voss
Editor: Pedro Batalha
Assembly Assistant: Diogo Rocha
Graphics, Generics: Diogo Rocha
Colorists: Fernando Tavares
VFX: André Pereira
Trailer Editor: Giovanna Farias
Subtitling: Susana Ramos
EPK production: Margarida Caldas

Head of Marketing and Web Promotion: Sara Santos
Creation of Promotional Materials: André Santos
Promotion Assistant: Daniel Castro


Budget and due dates

Help us raise funds for the costs of food, transportation, costumes, characterization and decoration.
This cinematographic work is an academic project that will have a small percentage of university funding, however in order to be able to portray this story to the best of our abilities and due to the social impact that the pandemic had, we need your support to be able to make the film come true. as we imagine.


  • Transport / Fuel - 400 €
  • Catering - 700 €
  • Occupancy Fees / Licenses - 200 €
  • Art Department - 700 €
  • Image Department- 200 €
  • PPL Commission (5%) - € 78.41

The recordings will take place from April 28 to May 2

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