When the Earth Bleeds

When the Earth Bleeds

Man's last night of life. A woman almost dead. A strange village. A plague that brings out the worst in each of us.

Man's last night of life. A woman almost dead. A strange village. A plague that brings out the worst in each of us.

During his last night of life, the man, consumed by despair, tries to heal his Woman and protect his Son from a deadly plague that has been plaguing the village where they live.

'When Earth Bleeds' tells the story of Man, cursed to live, until the end of his life, immune to the plague that has so affected him. Unable to save his wife, who is fast approaching death's door, and afraid that her son will follow the same path, he leaves his home in search of help and wanders through a village that is not governed by normal.

Bruno Xavier como O Homem em Teaser 'Quando a Terra Sangra'

It is a chaotic journey through empty, dark fields, lit by fire and succumbed to despair. A destroyed church, whose streaks of hope fade into change now used to power a Slot Machine that hangs there. Large stakes that await the bodies to be hung there, cursed to burn, so that the earth does not suffer the evils of humans.

At the heart of our film are themes that move away from the plague. We want to explore a story about despair and how it affects each one, in this case, Man. It will be a tense film, from start to finish, and hopefully it will be loaded with feeling, and it will impact whoever sees it.

If you like horror, the surreal, a film that takes a simple premise and turns it inside out and counts it with an original approach, this is the film for you. It's a frantic, mind-boggling journey, desperate to be told and seen by many people - and for that, we need your help.

Bruno Xavier como O Homem em Teaser 'Quando a Terra Sangra'

It is a project whose complexity requires that we have monetary support so that we can carry it out.

'When A Land Bleeds' has a group of young people who have the will and an immense desire to tell stories. We are in the development phase of the project and in order to move on to the production phase (filming), we need to raise money. This is our dream, to make films, make us feel, and if you can help us to achieve that, it would mean everything to us. Any support and / or sharing will be a significant and impacting gesture, so we asked for your help.

Bruno Xavier como O Homem em Teaser 'Quando a Terra Sangra'

About the author

The team of 'Onde A Terra Sangra' is made up of finalist students from the degree of Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and the degree of Science and Sound Technologies of the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies. Above colleagues, we are friends. We are people with a vision and a different look converging on a common goal.

We are a united team, with an enormous desire to tell this story. We hope that, above all, it will be a film that touches people, that makes them love the story, or that makes them hate, but that does not leave them indifferent. Because for us, this is not indifferent to us, and we have a lot to tell, a lot to make us feel.

Parte da Equipa

The team consists of:

Director / Scriptwriter: João Morgado

1st Assistant Director: Laura Almeida

2nd Director of Assistance: Manuel Caeiro

Annotator: Giovanna Farias

Production Director: Daniela Dias

Production Coordinator: Alice Faria

Head of Production: Tatiana Voss

Production Assistants: Sofia Ribeiro and Sandro Tordo

Director of Photography: Mariah Pacheco

Co-Director of Photography: Tomás Fidalgo

Camera: Mariah Pacheco

Focus Puller : Ciro Amaral

2nd Image Assistant: Pedro Estevez

Video-assist: Fernando Tavares

Data Wrangler: Luís Nunes

Chief Illuminator: Matheus Ribeiro

Lighting Assistants: Inês Lourinho and Marta Frazão

Chief Engineer: Francisco Abreu

Assistant Engineer: Daniel Castro

Scene Photography: Francisco Figueiras

Making-of: Ana Birra and Violetta Sira

Production Designer: Mariana Frias

Chief Decorator: Sara Santos

Art Assistant: Bruno Alves

Plateau Assistant: Inês Lopes

Aderecista: Inês Lopes

Costume Designer: Joana Contente

Wardrobe Assistant: Manoella Guimarães

Makeup and Hair: Danila Portela

PPA Supervisor / Sound Director: Filipe Silva

Sound Designer / Music: Rafael Fernandes

Foley Artist: Diogo Leitão

Mixture: Pedro Damiani

ADR: Pavel Orlov

SFX Coordinator: André Pereira

Editors: Bruno Alves and João Morgado

Assembly Assistant: Diogo Rocha

Colorists: Luís Nunes and Tomás Fidalgo

Head of Marketing and Web Promotion: Inês Lourinho

Creation of Promotional Materials: Joana Contente


Budget and due dates

'When Terra Sangra' is an academic project that will be partially funded by the University, however, and due to its complexity, it is a project with a high production cost and, therefore, we need to raise extra funding. Your help is extremely important to us! Even if you are not able to contribute monetarily, help us by sharing our campaign with as many people as you know.

The recordings of our film will be in the 1st week of May.


  • Transport / Fuel - 700,00 €
  • Local Fees - 300 €
  • Catering - € 620.00
  • Art Department - € 1300.00
  • Characterization - 1000,00 €
  • PPL Commission (5%) - € 92.25



From May 5th to 11th.

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