SIRENE - Web Series

SIRENE - Web Series

On the night when his team misses a deciding match, events follow that will change Miguel's life forever. Now he will have to face what haunts him the most.

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On the night when his team misses a deciding match, events follow that will change Miguel's life forever. Now he will have to face what haunts him the most.

Sirene, a team made up of dedicated members who believe in this project, and are really dedicated to it, not only to be able to perform the pilot of the series, but also because this series aims to promote the mental and social well-being enshrined in the sports practice, a theme that we can not ignore nowadays and which we think we need to address.

Sirene, is a transmedia project because it will create a whole world around you: a series with spin-off, several exclusive contents with the actors and the team, the joining of several platforms, both digital and physical. We want the project to be subsequently displayed on the Media Capital platform, TVI player.

As the base story of the project, Sirene portrays the story of Miguel, a 19 year old guy who practices futsal professionally. The night his team loses a deciding game, a colleague of Miguel is killed. The suspicious circumstances under which the crime occurred led to Miguel becoming suspicious of his family, his futsal teammates and even questioning whether he himself committed the crime.

About the author

Our team is constituted by:

Screenplay- Pedro Afonso Gomes

Directing - Pedro Afonso Gomes and Caetana Serra

Script - Pedro Afonso Gomes and Caetana Serra

Assistant Director - Caetana Serra

Continuity - António Realista

Producer- Diana Leite

Production Assistant - Carolina Ferreira

Director of Photography - João Valentim Rodrigues

Production Design - Veriko Shalamberidze

Editor - Emanuel Brandsma

Sound Director - Gonçalo Almeida

Budget and due dates

The film is partly funded by the University, however, given the high costs of film production, we need to raise extra funding.


€ 150 - Travel
€ 75 - Shooting Locations / Licenses
€ 80 - Food
200 € - Others (Art Department / Technical Equipment)
43.05 €€ - PPL Commission (5%)

Shooting will take place during the month of May.


In the city of Lisbon, in the municipality of Cascais and in the municipality of Almada.

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  • Gaulier Franck

    Une adaptation d’un film des

    Une adaptation d’un film des années 70 «  à mort l’arbitre «  ? Cela va être chaud !!!!!!
    À quand des sous titres en français pour les analphabètes comme moi ? ˆ- ˆ

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