A saxophone for Luis
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A saxophone for Luis

Born in Rabo de Peixe in São Miguel Island, Azores Luis is a saxophonist who needs a saxophone to make magic. After having to return the saxophone that he'd been borrowed , it i...

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Born in Rabo de Peixe in São Miguel Island, Azores Luis is a saxophonist who needs a saxophone to make magic. After having to return the saxophone that he'd been borrowed , it is urgent now to purchase a saxophone for the musician . In order to enhance his musical practice of the instrument, and develop a series of laboratory experiences and encounters with other artists all wednesdays in Travessa dos Artistas , ' A Saxophone for Louis ' culminates with the presentation of a concert carte bla...

A story. A story I want to  continue to write every day. Everything starts inside of me, with my heart, and with the almost constant need to share and express myself. This manifestation was lit by a blow. Yes, I speak to you of the saxophone.  The saxophone is like an extension of my body. From him I learned that music flows within me. With it I go beyond life or imagination. I think of stories, the most incredible, and put in it all my energy. The saxophone is  my only intermediary, the microphone of my heart. It hears my silence and translates it. It transports my being, vision and feelings. My joys, cries, fears and aspirations. 

But not everything goes as we want and there is a little story within this larger picture.  The saxophone I've been using does not belong to me and for several reasons I had to give it back recently. It's something that I accept with calm, after all I can not cry the loss of  something that was never mine.

The truth my friends, is that right now I'm without my life partner. Yes, I have no saxophone. How can I explain you this feeling? It is as if my road of expression has been blocked. A void that worries me every day. Do I miss It? Yes, a lot.

Why don't I have my own saxophone? - You ask.

Another fact is that I have no financial means to acquire one. I always fought to get where I am and I will always continue to do so. But the purchase of a saxophone surpasses my fight and possibilities.

My friends, I can not continue without my dream. That's why I tell you this story. I need to keep playing. I need my partner back. I want to continue my musical and personal journey with a saxophone. I want to buy a saxophone. That's why I want to appeal to those who can collaborate to make this dream come true. That help  will allow me to recover a part of me.  The best reward I can offer you with a saxophone in my hands is to give you music and invite you to follow the 1001 meetings that drive the "Wednesdays With Jazz" at Travessa dos Artistas in Ponta Delgada. From this process, I intend to create a bigger dream a full lenght concert, a carte blanche to be performed on the 5th edition of the Walk & Talk Festival. There I intend to do a great night of music where the saxophone is at the center, surrounded by friends, interventions and guests.  A deep and sincere gratitude to those who read, felt and share my void. I hope to soon thank you with more music.

About the author

Luis Senra is a saxophonist, born and raised in  Rabo de Peixe in the Island of São Miguel,  24 years ago.

He learnt the clarinet and flute at age 11 in the School of  Music of Rabo de Peixe, doing at 17 the transition to the saxophone. At 18, he enters the Regional Conservatory of Ponta Delgada. By this time, he participates at the Jazzores'09 Festival and discovers his fascination with jazz, experimental music and free improvisation.


Since then hes had several musical contacts and moments of learningwith various national and international musicians. He participated in master classes and workshops with names like Michael Wimberly, Sabir Mateen, Raymond King, Thollen Mcdonas, Pau Rodriguez, Eduard Pao, Laurent Filipe, Claus Nymark, Pedro Moreira, Paula Oliveira, Bruno Santos, Rui Massena, Francisco Ferreira and Gilberto Bernardes . He participated in jam sessions with James Spaulding, Daniel Waples, Jon Irabagon, Moppa Elliott, John Blum, Michael Smith, Michael Ross, Biagio Verdolini, Daniel Carter, Paul Vincent, Ricardo Reis, Carlos Mendes, John Macedo, Pedro Silva, Sara Miguel, Paulo Cunha, Gianna Toni and Carlos Massa. He played at Jazzores'11 Festival presenting a free jam session together with Box Deserter Ensemble and the pianist Thollen Mcdonas.

Since the beginning of his musical career he has played in several small orchestras, The Orchestra  of Jazz of  the Music Academy of Rabo de Peixe, Oi.Jazz, and Regional Orchestra Lira Açoreana. He was a member of projects such as Sax 'n' Fun, MP4 BAND and Dixiebando. He also collaborated in concert with Za!, Tran-Tran Manush, Lulu Monde, Broad Beans, Social Software, Romeo Bairos, Rift n'Roll and Jaime Goth.

Currently, having discovered the chill out / lounge and the connection music / emotion / energy he has developed his approach to improvisation through the project ON. In this project, which includes musicians Jorge Valerio and Daniel Tavares, the main focus is the creative freedom as a means of musical exploration and direct connection with the public.

Luis is part of the governing and teaching body of Rabo de Peixe Academy of Music, resident in Theatre Miramar, which is a project of social action through art where he teaches saxophone.

Budget and due dates

1-The goal is to buy a Tenor Saxophone model Cannonball (GT5-SB) that has the value of cost of € 3,000.

2-This instrument is capable of responding to my musical needs and still and give wings to continue to evolve. It is very important that a musician has its own instrument to continue his artistic practice freely and without restrictions.

3-The deadline to achieve the financial goal of this project is June 10, 2015. Until that day I will be working with another borrowed saxophone.

4-From April to June 2015, weekly I propose 'Wednesdays With Jazz' where I'll play with other musicians at Travessa dos Artistas in Ponta Delgada.

5-With the practice of 'Wednesdays of Jazz' and my saxophone in hands, my goal is to reward you, and work for a concert that will be place the saxophone in the center and will feature several guest musicians and friends. The concert will be presented at the 5th edition of Walk & Festival Talk- Public Art, between July 17 and August 1, 2015.

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    A showcase on your birthday , baptism, wedding or special occasion

    A mini concert in your favorite party * at the time you dream , I go with the saxophone and bring magic to your dream. + DVD with concert + 1 video with a song + Your name everywhere * reward only available in Sao Miguel Island

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