Russian Pirouette (webserie)

Russian Pirouette (webserie)

Russian Pirouette portrays the story of Kalinka, an untrained Physical Education teacher who, through blackmail, persuades two students to join the Acrobatic Gymnastics team in ...

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Russian Pirouette portrays the story of Kalinka, an untrained Physical Education teacher who, through blackmail, persuades two students to join the Acrobatic Gymnastics team in order to realize his evil plan.

Russian Pirouette is a comic serie that seeks to mix the Audiovisual with the Comic Strip in a set of 5 episode of duration of 10 minutes each.

It depicts the story of a Russian named Kalinka, who was once a star of Acrobatic Gymnastics but who lost the cup of his dreams in 1977 out of greed and distraction, leaving his partner to fall into a deadly double.

He became a professor of Physical Education, known for harming good students through mischief, and maintained a close connection with his former modality by training the group of Acrobatic Gymnastics at St. Vincent High School.

He is a caricature character, not only because of his physique - chubby and with a bumpy mustache that he prizes with all his pride - but also because of his personality.

This webserie is being produced for the Media Capital client.

Kalinka e os seus troféus

About the author

We are a team of 25 second year students in the Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication course in partnership with the Science and Technology of Sound course, both of the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies which, within the scope of the curricular unit 'Management of Projects and Programs', we were invited to create a webserie written, produced and promoted by us.

It will not only be a set of 5 episodes, it will also feature:

  • Facebook, as information and promotion space where exclusive content will be published to the platform;
  • Instagram that will be more focused on the narrative itself and will work like a booklet of cards in digital format;
  • Youtube, with exclusive content to the platform;
  • A published Comic Book edition;
  • Original soundtrack;
  • Chase Game App;
  • Web Site that will gather all the information available on the various platforms.

Kalinka (protagonista)

Budget and due dates

The team will not be remunerated, since we are all students with the objective of obtaining the best possible grade in the course unit and performing a satisfactory job for our portfolio and future references of previous works.

However it is necessary to pay the designers - who are going to carry out a strong part of this project - such as the transport of the team, actors, material, catering, etc ...

Our shootings will take place over 5 days, from May 31 to June 5, and our final presentation will be on June 26 with our client.

Currently we already have 350 € but the final budget will be around 1000 €.

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