Drone astrodeckStudio

Drone astrodeckStudio

The aim of this project is to raise funds for the acquisition of a Drone for AstrodeckStudio with the purpose of improving the quality of the vídeos and to promote even more...

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The aim of this project is to raise funds for the acquisition of a Drone for AstrodeckStudio with the purpose of improving the quality of the vídeos and to promote even more all the “Running” community in Portugal.

Being a Graphic designer, marketeer and multimedia producer as well as being a trail runner I quickly felt the need to share with my closest friends  all the emotions I felt during each race.


At the beginning the videos didn`t have much impact until I participated in Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres in 2014, when the video I produced reached over 4000 visualizations in only two days having reached over 10000 visualizations until now.

From then on the videos started to be used as a way to motivate and to promote the races and the trail running , having been invited after that by ATRP - Associação de Trail Running de Portugal to produce the video / resume of the 2014 Portugal Trail Running Circuit.

At the moment I am developing diferente works for diferente trail running organizations (videos, graphic design, strategies for the races promotions, ..)

After producing various videos about trail running I felt the need to go further and to offer better quality to the people that follow my work and that became a priority, specially after I produced the promotional video of my participation and report of my biggest sport challenge so far, the Peneda-Gerês Trail Adventure, a race with 8 stages with 280 kms. For the making of this video I used aerial filming images taken with a drone and given by the organization, which made possible to produce something unreachable until that date, that allowed me to share in a diferent dimention something I couldn`t do with the technical means I have.
As a sport lovers but also as huge fans of the landscapes and unique places where we run, it makes sense to give hand of narrow images with lots of dust and mudd or rain, we need another perspective, the trail and the community deserves it. The aim of this project  is to raise funds for the acquisition of a Drone which will allow to make this wish become true. That makes possible for me to share with all of you memories of the races in which we run. The news is that this time I will be filming you from the sky. When people asked me what I would like to do I often said “I want to film you from a helicopter,  I want to film you from the sky”, it’s not a helicopter but allows me to offer you what I wish.
My sincere thank you to not only those participating in this project but also to those who helped me so far and for whom so many times I abdicated better results to gain awesome memories.
Pedro Lizardo | astrodeckStudio

About the author

Name: Pedro Lizardo/Age: 31/Origin: Almada

Skills: Multimedia – CFPS / Video and Cinema – IADE / Lighting and Image Control– ETIC / Photograpy - ETIC


Marketeer e Multimedia: Inetese - Associação Para o Ensino e Formação, STAS - Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Actividade Seguradora e Jovens Seguros – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Ocupacional

Audio and Visual Technician and Production: Mário Caetano | Graphic Design: TERAZone - Soluções Informáticas Lda | Content Manager and Creativity: Virtual Views | Multimedia Operator and Video Composing: TGT Produções | Designer and Printing Technician: JV Cesário – Publicidade

Budget and due dates

Drone - Dji Phantom 2 + H3-3D - Axil Gimbal 850€ Battery Pack - Dji Phantom 2 - Smart Battery 150€ 30/06/15 – Deadline for Fund Raising If the funds raised are higher than €1000, the remaining will be used for the purchase of extra acessories (maintenance, protection and insurance)

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