Blue Planet - Songs for Mother Earth

Blue Planet - Songs for Mother Earth

Support us and help us launch the first CD of the Messengers of Nature and Kalindi - "Blue Planet - Songs for Mother Earth"! A double CD with 39 songs!

Support us and help us launch the first CD of the Messengers of Nature and Kalindi - "Blue Planet - Songs for Mother Earth"! A double CD with 39 songs!

Hello! We are the Messengers of Nature and the Kalindi! In December this year we will record our first CD! It's called "Blue Planet - Songs for Mother Earth" and has 39 songs (it's a DOUBLE CD !!!) very fun and inspiring! Original songs from teacher Ana Maria Pinto, written for Summer Camps and Blue Method projects (arts and environmental education)!

Our choir, which bears this beautiful name - Messengers of Nature - was created in January 2018. On the CD you can hear the voice of each one of us, as we are all great soloists! Carolina Teixeira (8 years), Ana Clara Pessoa (10 years), Helena Quaresma (10 years), Magda Valente (9 years), Joana Meireles (11 years), Ana Rafaela Machado (8 years), Ana Carolina Machado (11 years ), Soraia Ferreira (8 years), Alice Araújo (6 years), Catarina Rodrigues (6 years), Íris Ferreira (12 years), Clara Garcia (9 years), Duarte Moreira (6 years), Eva Esteves (5 years) , Leonor Ramos (5 years), Duarte Gonçalves (6 years), José Eduardo Vaz (6 years) and our guest Francisca (9 years). As Kalindi, a Sanskrit name meaning "Daughters of the Sun", is a youthful vocal ensemble featuring 5 beautiful voices: the voice of Mariana Vaz (14), Ana Garrido (14), Maria Miguel (15) years), Catarina Viana (15 years) and Gabriela Brites (12 years).

As Kalindi!

We will also have the participation of the fantastic Novaterra female choir: the Makawee!

In addition to the original songs, they can listen to traditional African songs; and you can also listen to our HAKA, inspired by the Maori culture, as well as OM SHANTI, the peace mantra! THERE ARE 2 CDS SURPRISED WITH SURPRISES! We are so happy that we can share our songs with you! By supporting our CD, you are supporting a beautiful dream - spreading love songs across Planet Earth so that other children, like us, can feel the magic of singing to Nature!

The song that names our CD already has a video clip - check out the youtube song Blue Planet!

We have several videos online! Like this one we recorded with the founder of the Portugal Zero Waste Movement, Ana Milhazes, The Song of the Zero Waste!

And here is the list of songs you can listen to on our Double CD:

CD 1 - Children's Poems (Conservatory of Music of Porto and Boavista-Lourinha School, Rio Tinto) Cancioneiro da Água (12 songs). Cancioneiro da Árvore (9 songs). Blue planet

CD 2 - Poems by António Oliveira. The song of colors (8 songs). Camellia Cycle (7 songs). The Song of Trash Zero. The Wind Father Cake Song

We look forward to entering the studio !!! Be part of this dream !!!

Concerto "Ancestral - Elogio da Raiz" com Coros da Novaterra

About the author

Created and founded by Ana Maria Pinto, Novaterra, Cultural Art and Environment Association, was conceived according to a broad view of reality, which can allow the human being to build bridges between distant worlds, which, once in contact, mutually strengthen each other. . The main objective of this vision is the rapprochement of the human being with nature.

In this sense, several projects were created within the scope of disciplinary crossings, among them the Blue Method (arts and environmental education), the Classic meets Africa (classical music and African dances), the Nature of Voice (therapies and vocal technique) and the Clube dos Poetas em Flor (literature and musical composition).

Voice, as a means of expression, represents a strong component in the work of this new association. A vehicle of expansion and self-knowledge, we find in it a meeting point with nature, ours and the earth.

Projecto "O Refúgio" em parceria com o Teatro de Marionetas de Mandrágora

From this feeling of the Voice, four choirs were born: the Novaterra Choir, the Musician-Theater Group, the Makawee, a female choir dedicated to indigenous and African chants, the Kalindi, a youth female choir dedicated to nature music, and the Messengers of Nature, A group of children who sing, dance and represent the forces of nature. All choirs gather on stage at the great concerts of Novaterra. The pieces and concepts of the concerts are original and of Indian, African, poetic or meditative inspiration.

Throughout the year various events are organized, including premieres of music-theater plays, workshops, lectures, artistic residencies, travel, holiday camps and festivals!

"Nature is the only book that offers valuable content in all its pages," Goethe's words that justify and perfectly represent our desire to discover and create hand in hand with Nature.

Budget and due dates

Total budget for CD production and release (500 CDS) - 4000 €

Value to collect in crowdfunding - 1500 €

Date of recording: 17 to 23 December.

CD Release: March 1, 2020, at the Municipal Auditorium of Gondomar, 16:00.

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