A new virus appears in the world. A family will have to choose between protecting their infected child and sacrificing it for the good of humanity.

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A new virus appears in the world. A family will have to choose between protecting their infected child and sacrificing it for the good of humanity.

We are conducting the pilot episode of a miniseries from Universidade Lusófona and we need your help!


A typical day of the Mendes family is interrupted when, suddenly, his neighbor, Lourenço, begins to suffocate in his own blood. Without any apparent explanation and with congested national hotlines, the family needs to act quickly. When a wave of deaths begins to haunt them, they realize that their neighbor may not be the only victim.


How many lives are our children worth?
Is man a product of the environment in which he is inserted?
Is it possible that a genocidal government is humanity's only salvation?


The miniseries "Perimeter" intends to grab the viewer's attention using the emergence of a worldwide and lethal virus as a pretext for such questions.

Put under pressure, an apparently stable family will reveal that it has hidden dysfunctions. A misunderstood mother, who tries to drown her frustration in an extramarital relationship; a father who prioritizes the family, but, on the contrary, is absent due to work; an older son, who values himself and external relations more than his own family; and a child with the lethal virus, who will have to weigh moral issues that no one should ever have to make.

Following the trajectory of these relatable characters in extreme situations, we will be able to empathize and be moved by their difficult decisions, from the most evasive and reserved, to the most impulsive.

In parallel, the government needs to act quickly against the wave of deaths caused by the virus. All research indicates that this virus is only found in children. Anyone who enters in the mortal perimeter will not be spared. Knowing that the perimeter is always growing, will there be time to invest in the development of a cure or would the extermination of the hosts be the best alternative?


This miniseries is inspired by several post-apocalyptic pieces and, like these, we decided to explore the human being and his relationships within extraordinary conditions in order to create a striking visual aesthetic. Our focus is to question the extent to which moral values are applicable.

About the author

We are a team of more than 45 students from the 2nd year of the Degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and the Degree in Science and Sound Technology, from the Lusófona University, in Lisbon. We are students with a great passion and dedication for what we do and we want to provide the best project possible.


Chefes de departamento da equipa "Perímetro"

Part of the team is composed of:

Showrunner: Raquel Santos
Directors: Diogo Bento and Théo Ferreira
1st Assistant Director: João Trindade
Note: Rita Mata

Executive Producer: Maria Carita
Production Director: Bea Castelos
Production Coordinator: Constança Baptista
Head of Production: Íris Sequeira
1st Production Assistant: Ruben Cruz
Director of Photography: Lara Figueirêdo
Camera operators: Ana Gabrielle Stradiotto, Diogo Palma and João Fangueiro

1st Image Assistant: Carlos Zenida
Illuminator: Rodrigo Pedras
Driver: André Alves
Art Direction: Mariana Cabanita
Decorating Chef: Catarina Almeida

Costume Designer: Lara Mather
Head of Wardrobe: Joana Seixas

Sound Director: Ricardo Barrileiro
Editing: Mariana Maia and Ricardo Bacalhau
Graphics: Pedro Oliveira and Roberta Delboni
Colorists: Inês Fernandes and Miguel Costa
Making Of: Rafael Florêncio
Promotion Manager: Mariana Teixeira
Promotion Coordinator: Madalena Rosa



Budget and due dates

This episode will be partially financed by Universidade Lusófona, but in order to be able to do it in full, it is necessary that you help us raise funds through this campaign.

Any amount that is obtained through it will be directed to the various departments that make up the “Perimeter” team, which is composed of almost 50 people extremely committed to their work.

The whole team appreciates any kind of help or attention that is given to the project! The dissemination of this campaign is essential to reach as many audiences as possible.


Some of the production costs we will have:

Travel - 200 €
Food - 450 €
Art - 250 €
Image - 100 €
Décor rental - 450 €

Shooting will take place from May 6th to 11th .

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Minissérie "Perímetro" (recompensas)

Olá a todos! Desde já um grande obrigada por toda a vossa ajuda! Toda a equipa agradece os vossos contributos do fundo do coração. Tem sido um projeto muito exaustivo que nos...

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  • Maria Carita

    Minissérie "Perímetro" (recompensas)

    Olá a todos!

    Desde já um grande obrigada por toda a vossa ajuda! Toda a equipa agradece os vossos contributos do fundo do coração. Tem sido um projeto muito exaustivo que nos tem dado muita luta, mas estamos aqui para aprender (especialmente com os erros) e superar todos os problemas que estejam ao nosso alcance.

    Com isto quero dizer que só iremos conseguir enviar as vossas recompensas mais para inícios de julho, isto para quem ainda tem de receber cartazes, t-shirts, desinfetantes, sacos de pano, etc. Assim que enviarmos por correio serão notificados por email. No entanto pode haver situações que a entrega à mão seria fácil para ambas as partes portanto ainda vamos averiguar.

    Apoiantes que não pediram recompensas mas estariam interessadas em ter algum produto nosso, ainda estão a tempo! Mandem email para perimetro.webserie@gmail.com, por favor, para saberem os preços.

    Qualquer dúvida digam.
    Muito obrigada pela compreensão e apoio! Sem vocês não seria possível.

    Com os melhores cumprimentos,
    A Produção do "Perímetro"

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