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At this moment, I want to move to the next level and, for that, I need to buy audiovisual equipment worth € 2500.

The equipment that I intend to acquire is, above all, a semi-professional camera. I will opt for a Canon EOS 80D with a lens that will give possibility to work with video depth. I'm currently working with a compact camera, which does not offer me great features.

I will also get a microphone with arm support, which will allow me to get a higher quality audio recording and reduce the echo that is felt in my videos.

Another of the things I want to buy is a ginbal which, in other words, is a stabilizer that will help make videos on the street and have footage that is not "shaken", as happened to my video "I just wanted to raise 10 €" .

In Portugal, the community of Youtuberes is already significant, but channels are still rare that address issues related to being a disabled person, and still less from a personal perspective, such as mine.

Before you support this campaign, go through my channel and Social Networks and get to know my work.

Help me to get further. And to be closer. Can I count on you?

About the author


I'm Pedro Teixeira.

I remember being 6 years old and already enjoying drawing in Paint in Windows XP.

At age 12, I started to make web pages in Word, in the 2000 version.

Later, at the age of 15, when I entered professional education, in the 9th year, I had my first contact with Photoshop, then in the CS3 version. At that time, in addition to some image editing jokes, I also experimented with some export layouts created by me for HTML.

A year later, I joined the multimedia technical course, where I began to explore areas such as photography, video and design, exploring the entire Adobe package as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects.

Finally, I graduated in "Artes Plásticas e Multimédia", where I extensively explored areas of programming linked to the Web.

In my free time, I like to consume digital content, like YouTube.

I'll leave here two reference channels for me: "Nuno Agonia", "Bernardo Almeida", since these two YouTubers do unboxing of technological products.

Another page that I follow with some assiduity is Creative Advertisers, where they talk about creative process in the area of ​​Design, Marketing. Linked to the technology, I still follow the Pplware page once you have articles about products and software.

And recently I created my own YouTube channel, called Key3.

Here I speak openly of subjects related to being a person with a disability.

I perform unboxing of adapted products as well as products linked to sensory stimulation.

Despite being a carrier of Light Cerebral Palsy, I have never been inhibited in pursuing my goals and today I recognize that it has even been a motivational surplus.

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