Jiu-jitsu is life!
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Jiu-jitsu is life!

I ask for your cooperation, it will be very important, help me in this new story, follow me on insta @paulinosantosbjj, I count on your help, I believe that many people will ben...

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I ask for your cooperation, it will be very important, help me in this new story, follow me on insta @paulinosantosbjj, I count on your help, I believe that many people will benefit through your noble help, I am grateful and thank you!

Hello, I'm Paulino Santos, Jiu-jitsu Instructor, I'm part of the Portugal Gold Team, I come to ask for help so that I can set up a Jiu-jitsu academy in Malveira, Mafra, Lisbon. Where I will bring health and leisure to many people, at the moment I’m tight to continue, I’m doing my best to build the training center, so I ask for your help, I’m not in this one just to make money with Jiu-jitsu, I’m because I love what I do and I do it with pleasure.! Thank you in advance 🙌🏼🙏

About the author

My name is Paulino Santos, I come through this medium, ask you to help me in any way I can, there is no canvas for the tatami, there is no tire scrape, wood, white paint, I know that a lot is missing, but the construction material I won and I'm doing everything, so as not to spend etc ..... whoever wants to check out the work, I can send the video I'm editing and you can also come here, I will be happy to receive you 🙌🏼 I'm Brazilian, I live in Malveira and nothing will stop me , I will fight to be able to build this Jiu-jitsu academy, it is not a shame to ask for help, shame is to seek in other illicit means, I come to heartily ask for your contribution, if you cannot help, I ask you to share it with friends, all help is well coming.🙏🙌🏼

Budget and due dates

Canvas = 400 € 72m²

Tire scrape = 3 tons, 300 €, each ton costs 100 €



Slab sealing between 1000 € to 1200 € of material

  • Jiu-jitsu is Health!

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    Jiu-jitsu is Health!

    This jiujitsu project started from the day I stepped into a jiujitsu academy for the first time, in 2009, it all started there, I trained one day to be able to teach what I learned, I am happy to pass on all the knowledge I have acquired and I continue to acquire, thanks to all the supporters, I am grateful for everything.!

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  • Jiu-jitsu is life!

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    Jiu-jitsu is life!

    I count on your help, so that this project is completed and many people can enjoy and have a prolonged health and well-being 🙌🏼🙏

    Shipping included (to Portugal)

    4 backers

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