Medical supplies for Ukraine
Ajuda Ucrânia

Medical supplies for Ukraine

We are a group of volunteers, members of organizations that are part of who, given the scale of the tragedy that is happening in Ukraine, believed that they could make a...

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We are a group of volunteers, members of organizations that are part of who, given the scale of the tragedy that is happening in Ukraine, believed that they could make a difference by sending medical material.

The purpose of this fundraising is to be able to buy medical supplies, send and track their delivery in Poland and Ukraine with the support of local NGOs such as and the "Movimento Somos Todos Ucrânia".

The Together Foundation's mission is to design and implement solidarity projects that respond to the socio-economic situation that emerged from the Covid-19 international humanitarian crisis and develops its activity around seven Principles:
Unity: Whatever the goal, whatever the challenge, together we can do more.
Humanity: Protecting vulnerable populations and communities and helping them build their own future.
Universality: An international vocation, because all countries have vulnerable populations.
Childhood: Prioritizing projects to improve living conditions and access opportunities for children.
Education: Promoting the fundamental right to education as the most powerful tool for community development.
Feminism: Presenting perspectives on gender equality and women's empowerment to support change.
Ecology: Introducing sustainability and ecological perspectives to improve urban and rural ecosystems

Somos Todos Ucrânia is a solidarity movement. A humanitarian aid group that develops humanitarian aid actions for Ukrainian refugees arriving in our country as well as necessary and urgent help on the ground. It cooperates with Portuguese and Ukrainian NGOs, in a chain of solidary people who want to help.

This mission is also in contact with other Ukrainian and Portuguese NGOs, seeking to establish aid channels that allow for more continuous support to the Ukrainian population.

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We are collecting:
first aid supplies
sterile wipes


About the author

PASC aims to give expression to issues of national interest, calling for the mobilization of Portuguese citizens to exercise an active and responsible, individual and collective citizenship that contributes to the development and deepening of participatory democracy, promoting multiculturalism. The Association also aims to pursue the primary objective of boosting the capacity for civic intervention, namely of its associated NGOs, through their training, cooperation in the various areas of civic intervention, the promotion of cooperation agreements or other partnerships with institutions or other entities, namely entities from European Union countries as well as from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Budget and due dates

Fundraising Campaign from April to April 31, 2022
From the 1st to the 3rd of June, purchase the collected medical materials and pack, cataloging, everything on the 3rd and 4th of June
4th of June trip to Warsaw and delivery of all medical supplies to a Ukrainian NGO
From 4 to 11 volunteer work by the team in a refugee camp
Between June 4th and 11th, travel to Ukraine to create a local network that allows subsequent shipments of more medical supplies

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