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Panóplia uses Portuguese talent to give its participants a different cultural event through an interactive and dynamic side that harnesses the potential of young people who want...

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Panóplia uses Portuguese talent to give its participants a different cultural event through an interactive and dynamic side that harnesses the potential of young people who want answers to build a better society.

As students of the Superior School of Hospitality and Tourism of Estoril, the Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment degree, the final challenge of the course was the conceptualization and implementation of a cultural event. In addition to the creative freedom given throughout the process, the group counts on the support and accompaniment of the entity and a group of teachers, with extensive professional experience in organizing events. The group is made up of six elements characterized by a strong team spirit, cooperation, proactivity, and creativity, with some members having experience in organizing and managing events.

Panóplia is a cultural event that takes advantage of the Portuguese talent to give its participants the opportunity to explore a cultural, participative and dynamic event, at the same time that it harnesses the potential of the emerging Portuguese youth that, increasingly, seeks answers for the construction of a better society. To this end, on May 18, those who visit Panóplia, at Anjos70 in Lisbon, can choose from a diverse cultural program, ranging from concerts, intimate conversations, fashion shows and live painting, addressing current themes and looking for always a consolidation of Portuguese art and culture. The profile of the young festival in Portugal has been consolidating, being that at the moment, it seeks unique and memorable experiences that allow valuing at the same time a sensorial, affective, behavioral and intellectual dimension. In addition, it seeks to be accompanied by friends and obtain most of the information on this kind of events through official websites and social networks. Panóplia fits into the needs of this emergent profile, due to its interactive and cultural nature, constituting an exploration opportunity with a high development potential and growth margin, as well as allowing the empowerment of the artistic and young Brazilian community. The event is thus aimed at a young adult audience, aged between 18 and 35 years, distinguished by their academic background and interest in art, music, and culture, aligned with curiosity and a sense of environmental and social responsibility.

We already have the Anjos70 space, in Lisbon, where the event will take place, and as Media Sponsors, Antena 3 (Radio) and the Culture & Art Community, being a Co-Production with the Lisbon City Hall.

About the author

Panóplia is organized by a group of colleagues from the third year of the Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment course of the Superior School of Hospitality and Tourism of Estoril. Being a group with quite diverse characteristics, the Panoply appropriates its individual characteristics to create what we call a "cohesive mixture".

Adriana Lopes - She is 21 years old and is from Torres Vedras. Passionate about traveling, she saw in veganism and environmental sustainability a way to help protect the environment. She likes to learn languages, and although she is not a born artist she sees in cultural and artistic expressions a way of representing each person who creates her.

Alexandra Parente - She is 24 years old and is a gem tile. In love with photography and art in general. For you, the lens of a machine and the "headphones" is a window to the world. She likes to get lost in her own city and to be a tourist in the places she knows best.

João Ganhoteiro - He is 21 years old and he is from Évora, but since he was little he lives in Ericeira. The sea is your refuge and enjoys the sound of the waves to complement your music. He sees in his voice a way to reach others and in others' voice a true reflection of the soul and heart.

Leonor Silva - She is 21 years old and is from Leiria, but he is considered to be from Lisbon. A traveler in the world, he likes to know new ways of thinking. It inspires itself through the world and likes to meet new people and absorb new experiences of living. He likes, through the video, to capture all the moments that happen around him.

Rafael Silva - He is 25 years old and is from Loures. Interested in social entrepreneurship, he sees change as an urgent way of making an impact on society. He studied illustration and instead of creating, he is more interested in a way to sustainably promote Portuguese talent.

Salvador Taveira - He is 22 years old and is from Tavira. He studied classical music, which contrasts with his profile of surfer and sailor. Work the waves with your interest in nature and after having already taught sailing classes, take advantage now to focus on sporting events.

Budget and due dates

The event will be implemented on May 18, at Anjos70 in Lisbon, from 4:00 p.m. to midnight.

Revenue - € 3849.26 (13% Crowdfunding)

Own revenues - € 2850
Revenue from partnerships - € 500
Crowdfunding Revenue - € 499.26 (after the settlement of fees)

Expenditure - € 3200

Human Resources Expenditure - 2000 €
Expenditure Material Resources - € 660
Expenditure Logistics Resources - € 540

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