Help with the acquisition of DRONES for our emergency and rescue team. Participate in this cause so we can help, your help is very important to help us save lives.

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Help with the acquisition of DRONES for our emergency and rescue team. Participate in this cause so we can help, your help is very important to help us save lives.

Ajudem a salvar vidas !!!

In recent years, the use of drones in search and rescue operations has become increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness, speed and accuracy. Drones can be used to quickly and easily locate missing people, assess dangerous environments, and provide aerial overviews of disaster areas. But how cost-effective are drones when compared to traditional search and rescue methods?


Ajudem a salvar vidas !!!

A recent study conducted by the University of California, San Diego sought to answer this question. The study compared the cost-effectiveness of drones to traditional search and rescue methods such as helicopters, ground teams and canine units. The researchers concluded that, in most cases, drones are much more cost-effective than other methods.

Ajudem a salvar vidas !!!

The study found that drones are capable of completing search and rescue operations in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Drones are also capable of reaching areas inaccessible to traditional methods, such as rough terrain or heavily wooded areas. This means drones can cover more ground in a shorter period of time, resulting in a greater likelihood of finding a missing person.

Ajudem a salvar vidas !!!

The study also found that advances in drone technology are making them even more cost-effective. Drones are now capable of flying greater distances, carrying more payloads, and using advanced sensors and imaging to locate missing people.

Ajudem a salvar vidas !!!

Overall, the study found that drones are a cost-effective and efficient way to conduct search and rescue operations. They are able to reach areas inaccessible by traditional methods, cover more ground in less time, and use advanced technology to locate missing people. While the cost of drones can be high, the cost savings in terms of time and resources make them a worthwhile investment.

Ajuem a salvar vidas !!!

We are a non-profit association with no way of raising funds to purchase equipment. We need your help in this cause because currently DRONES are equipment that can help us immensely to speed up our search, rescue and rescue teams. Help us save lives!!!

Ajudem a salvar vidas !!!

About the author

Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

We are the voluntary organization for responding to disasters with the largest reach in Brazil, Portugal and the CPLP countries, all thanks to the men and women who make up our Institution. We have reached our 15th anniversary and we intend to move forward, reaching new goals and always making ourselves available to populations affected by disasters across the planet.

Logistics and Operational Support in National and International Communities

This work is developed in a network, resulting from partnerships/protocols with intervention actors in the territory. This articulation allows for an interinstitutional assessment and the development of a more complete Community Support Services plan, minimizing overlapping interventions.

The increasing globalization of teaching, research and innovation activities has led to the development of international networks and partnerships between Associations, Companies, Fire Departments and schools that reflect on best practices in terms of teaching, research and innovation and that provide a multinational and multicultural experience to its Trainees.

National and International Search and Rescue

Assistance to people in danger at sea and in national and international disasters is of great importance and must be developed in all Portuguese-speaking states and beyond, through the establishment of adequate and effective means for surveillance and emergency services. search and rescue.

National Formations

The scheduled courses will be held at the contractors' facilities, or at designated Firefighters Associations, for this purpose, according to the availability of the trainees and prior scheduling. Courses at the request of Trainees or client companies may be held in other facilities, with BUSF Portugal being responsible for verifying the feasibility of the training spaces and for moving the pedagogical equipment necessary to carry them out.

Fighting Urban and Forest Fires

We have a pool of firefighter trainers and BUSF with extensive unparalleled experience in the area they teach and with training accredited by the IEFP, with the respective CAP. Thus contributing to national and personal growth and development. companies and collaboration with firefighters.

Pre-Hospital Emergency Technicians

Promote the autonomy of Individuals/Families/Companies, Associations and Schools in vulnerable situations, as well as provide due assistance in training the social and public framework.



Budget and due dates

Acquisition of 5 DRONES to be distributed:

RE 01 LISBOA, RE 02 ALGARVE, RE 03 FUNDAO, RE 04 PORTO, 01 Spare equipment

As soon as we manage to raise the funds to purchase the 5 Drones, they will be distributed in the order of REs, starting with RE 01. If we are unable to raise enough money to purchase the 5 Drones, the amount determined will be directed to purchase through the collected and will be distributed in the same order.

Support collection estimated until December 30th.

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