Two countries, one wall! Understanding the other is a basic need these days, especially with the amount of cultures that are becoming involved in our society.

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Two countries, one wall! Understanding the other is a basic need these days, especially with the amount of cultures that are becoming involved in our society.

We were challenged to tell a story. Different people came together to give legs to the project. With this we knew the starting point: a Luso-Chinese family is fragmented due to a conflict of ideals between father and son.

The Zhang family, tells the story of several families that are not given due importance

The Zhang family represents the story of several Chinese families who immigrate to Portugal and so we wanted to give visibility to issues that are not discussed.


A Chinese family that lives in a false harmony due to an ideological difference between the son Rodrigo and his father Zhang. After Rodrigo misses a day's work at the family restaurant without telling his father, Zhang discusses with his son where he will question Rodrigo's responsibility and lack of respect towards his family and culture.

The following morning Rodrigo tells Afonso that he is dating, he is going to be confused and when he is confronted with his father, he gives a false idea that Rodrigo is dating a Chinese girl. Happy, Zhang and mother Huang invite the girl to dinner.

Later, his father's happiness is replaced by confusion when Rodrigo brings home a girl far from what Zhang imagined.


About the author

We are 2nd year students of the degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and Sound Sciences and Technologies at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies .

Our team is large (we have more than 50 people) as well as our determination to carry this project through to the end. Therefore, your help is essential.


Luiza Ferreira and Bruno Pinheiro: Researchers

Miguel Rodrigues: Copyright

Mónica Martins: Executive Producer

Lara Mather: Production Director

Théo Ferreira: Production Coordinator

Íris Sequeira: Head of Production

Joana Seixas: 1st Production Assistant

Catarina Almeida: Showrunner

Ricardo Bacalhau and João Trindade: Directors

Rita Mata: 1st Production Assistant

Maria Fernandes: Annotator

Luís Lin: Director of Photography

Mafalda Vaz, Lara Figueiredo and João Fangueiro: Camera operators

Rodrigo Pedras: Illuminator

João Tiago: Train driver

Leonor Leitmann: Director Making-of

Song Almeida: Production Designer

Madalena Rosa: Chief Decorator

Roberta Lionello: Costume Designer

Head of Wardrobe: Rita Rodrigues

Duarte Carvalho and Diogo Dias: Editor

Rodrigo Martins: Sound Director

João Umbelino: Head of Funding

Pedro Leichsenring: Sound Design

Rafael Johnson: Foley Artist

Gonçalo Silva: ADR

Joana Guerra: Responsible for Distribution Strategy

Karina Gennaro and Dan Ilco: Promotion and Marketing Coordinator

Joana Grave and Mariana Maia: Web Content Producer

Bárbara Barbosa: Social Media Promotion

Guilherme Pica: Webdesigner




Budget and due dates

Shooting for the pilot episode is scheduled for April 29 to May 4. The amount raised in this campaign will be directed to the cost of food, transportation, costumes, decoration and rights to musical works. The episode is partially funded by the faculty, but we are talking about a team with more than fifty members, so it is inevitable that the costs are very high.

We know that we all live in a very complicated phase, but any help is welcome. If you are unable to contribute monetarily, help us by sharing the campaign on social media so that friends, family and acquaintances can see it too.

Total Budget: 1500 €

Image: € 100

Displacement: 150 €

Production: 650 €

Art Department: 600 €

Recording Dates: April 29th to May 4th

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