Women of the Republic - Mini-Series

Women of the Republic - Mini-Series

A series that portrays the beginning of the battle for the role of women in Portuguese society.

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A series that portrays the beginning of the battle for the role of women in Portuguese society.

When a lecture about her manifesto goes wrong, a writer, Ana de Castro Osório, decides with the help of her companions, Adelaide Cabete and Carolina Beatriz Ângelo, to create a league that fights for the equality of Portuguese women.

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Women of the Republic is a dramatic historical series, set in the early 20th century.

It all starts in 1908, in the year of the Regicide of D. Carlos, a politically unstable time when the power level of the Monarchy was decreasing and, consequently, that of the Republic was increasing.

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Ana, a children's book writer, decides to write a feminist manifesto. She is ambitious and believes that she can make a difference.

Joins with the doctors Adelaide Cabete, a woman who fought hard for her education and ended up becoming one of the first doctors in Portugal and, Carolina Beatriz Ângelo, the first Portuguese woman to vote.

This series will follow these women in their battle to be heard and respected in the same way as the man. It will represent oppression and the struggle for freedom of identity, a theme that remains as real today as it was 100 years ago.

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The history of the Portuguese Republican League of Portuguese Women is not a story that is particularly well known, there are not many people who know the legacy of Ana de Castro Osório, Carolina Beatriz Ângelo or Adelaide Cabete.

These are the Women of the Republic, let's give a voice to your story!

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About the author

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The team of Women of the Republic consists of students from the second year of the degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and the degree in Science and Sound Technologies at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies.

The team consists of:

Showrunner: Daniel Castro

Director: Francisco Figueiras
1st Assistant Director: Daniel Castro
Annotator: Leonor Oliveira

Executive Producer: Daniela Dias
Production Director: Mariana Carvalho
Production Coordinator: Laura Rosa
Head of Production: Mariana Marques
Production Assistant: Benoit Bruère

Director of Photography: Ciro Amaral
Cameraman 1: Ciro Amaral
Cameraman 2: Violetta Sira
Image Assistants: Pedro Estevez, Tomás Mateus
Gaffer: Matheus Ribeiro
Lighting Assistants: Inês Lourinho, Afonso Moura and Filipe Ferreira
Driver: Tomás Esteves
Assistant Engineer: Roberto Monteiro

Production Designer: Joana Contente
Chief Decorator: Tatiana Voss
Aderecista: Manoella Guimarães
Costume Designer: Tairine Rosa
Head of Wardrobe: Sara Santos
Wardrobe Assistants: Tairine Rosa and Manoella Guimarães
Plateau Assistant: Tatiana Voss
Makeup and Hair: Carlota Faleiro

Sound Director: Miguel Ramires
Head of Funding: Miguel Sousa
Sound Designer: Miguel Sousa
Sound Design and Foley Artist Assistant: Miguel Ramires
Mixture: Rafael Fernandes
Mixing Assistant: Eduardo Carmo
Music: Miguel Sousa
Sound Assistants: Miguel Ramires, Miguel Sousa, Rafael Fernandes and Eduardo Carmo

Responsible Distribution Strategies: Daniel Castro
Promotion Coordinator: Benoit Bruère and Henrique Lopes
Web Content Producer: Maria Batista
Logo and Poster Design: Ana Birra
Social Media Promotion: Maria Batista
Promotion Assistants: João André and Mariana Marques
Web designer: Inês lourinho

Making-of and Making-of Editor: Lucca Capparelli
Scene Photography: Lucas Zenicola
Editor: Ana Birra
Editing Assistants: Pedro Estevez and Henrique Lopes
Graphics: Diogo Rocha
Colorist: Violetta Sira
Colorist Assistant: Tomás Esteves
Trailer Editor: Pedro Batalha

Budget and due dates

Women of the Republic is an academic project that will have a percentage of university funding, however to be able to portray this story to the best of our abilities and due to the social impact that the pandemic had, we need your help to be able to complete the pilot episode.

Help us to give voice to the story of these Women!


• Transport / Fuel - 150 €
• Catering - 170 €
• Occupancy Rates - 750 €
• Art Department - 270 €
• PPL Commission (5%) - € 59.96


The recordings will take place in the 3rd week of July.

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