Help creating the first MilVoz NATURAL RESERVE
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Help creating the first MilVoz NATURAL RESERVE

Lets preserve a native forest, rich in biodiversity, for the community and for the future.

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Lets preserve a native forest, rich in biodiversity, for the community and for the future.

After several months of work and exploration on the field by a fantastic team that gathered around this project, 'MilVoz - Nature Protection and Conservation Association' is now advancing with one of its main objectives, the creation of a network of small Natural Reserves. These spaces will aim at the conservation of nature, biodiversity, Portuguese autochthonous forest and landscape identity. They will be spaces where the association will develop environmental education, involving the population, transmitting knowledge and teaching people how to manage a land in favor of biodiversity and native forest, reducing the risk of forest fires and protection of water and soil.
The value defined for this campaign allows us to acquire the central part of a very special hillside, of great ecological value and enormous biodiversity, located 15km from Coimbra, and that we want to preserve for the future.
All the value that is achieved beyond the defined objective (3000 €) will be channeled for the immediate expansion of the area to be preserved, in particular along the existing brook, where we already have contacts with owners. With this income, it will also be possible to recover highly degraded lands in the surroundings, namely areas of eucalyptus, acacia patches, and other invasives that threaten the preservation of this space in the medium term.
As an association formed only by ordinary citizens, the implementation of this project depends on the small contribution of each person who identifies with what we want to protect and develop. Join this cause, for a livelier, more diverse and more fire-resistant forest. Your help is essential!

Nas zonas mais secas e expostas desenvolvem-se sobreiros de grande porte.

About the author

'MilVoz - Nature Protection and Conservation Association', created in May 2019, arises from the desire of a group of citizens to give voice and represent the natural heritage of the region of Coimbra, ensuring its preservation. We aim to enhance, protect and expand areas of high ecological value, not only through the creation of a network of natural reserves in biodiversity-rich areas and native Portuguese forest, as well as preserving the landscape and the countryside. For this purpose, the Association proposes the acquisition of land with management and conservation objectives. With this, we want to promote volunteer initiatives, involving the population on social interaction and learning activities. We will also have as priorities the divulgation and environmental education of didactic and scientific nature, and the implementation of biodiversity study projects with benefits for the conservation of nature.

Carvalho-alvarinho centenário.

Budget and due dates

Land for sale: € 1,700 + € 500 deed
Formalization of the Association: € 300
Support for disclosure: € 50
Acquisition of material and support costs for initial environmental management: € 175
PPL Platform Commissions: € 275

Ao longo da encosta, por entre a floresta, podemos encontrar vários afloramentos rochosos, alguns de dimensões consideráveis.

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    Recognition of the supporter

    Any supporter will have his or her name recognized and listed on the reserve information panel at the entrance to the lot.

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    Guided visit to this location

    Anyone who contributes € 20 or more can take a guided tour to this local.

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    Tree patronize

    Any supporter who contributes € 30 or more will have his name associated with one of the identification plates of the tree species present on the site.

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    50€ or more

    Associate of the Association

    Any supporter who contributes € 50 or more will be exempt from the first annual quota, and will be insured as a associate of the Association if he so wishes.

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    100€ or more

    Nature photography workshop

    Any supporter who contributes € 100 or more can take part in a nature photography workshop.

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