SILENCE  (Web-Series)

SILENCE (Web-Series)

Pedro disappeared in the fall of 1993, through his point of view and the people around him we'll understand what led to its disappearance

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Pedro disappeared in the fall of 1993, through his point of view and the people around him we'll understand what led to its disappearance

"Silence" is a mini-series of dramatic content set in 1993 that shows us the life of Pedro in the five days before his disappearance. Pedro is a nineteen year old athlete who suffers from sensorineural deafness and uses a hearing aid that he withdraws to isolate himself from the world and take refuge in silence. Throughout the episodes we will know the truth through your point of view and the testimony of friends, family and teammates given in the investigation of your disappearance.

We are a group of students of cinema of the second year of the University Lusófona of Lisbon and as transversal project we were proposed the creation of a series of 5 episodes directed to the sport theme. We created this campaign to raise funds to allow the project to go forward and film a pilot episode of the series. We have assembled a qualified team for all departments to come together to create a television feature film, such as the development of transmedia platforms.

About the author

A production of the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies

Directed by Henrique Guerreiro
First Assistant António Realista
Cinematography by Pedro Leite
Executive Producer Daniel Silva
Chief of Production Dominique Pothier
Production Management Diana Leite
Art Direction by Bruna Boavida
Editing Henrique Guerreiro
Sound Emanuel Silva, Diogo Axel, Ricardo Ferreira

Budget and due dates

€ 100 - Transportations

150 € - Catering

206,95 € - Others (Art Department / Technical Equipment)

43.05 € - PPL Commission (5%)

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