Luanda Bay

Luanda Bay

Pérola returns to Angola and her return will awaken feelings and desires that she didn't know she had. It will make her hear, for the first time, the voice of her heart.

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Pérola returns to Angola and her return will awaken feelings and desires that she didn't know she had. It will make her hear, for the first time, the voice of her heart.

Pérola is a thirty-nine-year-old lawyer. She returns to Angola, to her younger sister 's Alambamento, after more than two days outside her home country.
When P é rola returns, she realizes that she doesn't fit in that space, that the world that saw her birth is now uncomfortable for her . At first , she does not try to integrate herself, on the contrary, she keeps away with a judgmental look at the attitudes and actions of her relatives.

However, as the party progresses, Pérola becomes aware of the beauty of that place. That land and those people reveal a charm that this one did not expect.
In the end, the protagonist realizes that the emptiness and loneliness she felt for years was nothing more than her land calling her back.

About the author

The "Baia de Luanda" team   is made up of final year students from the degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and from the degree in Sound Sciences and Technologies at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies. Above colleagues we are a group of people who want to tell stories and who want those same stories to reach as many people as possible. We are people looking for a good project that we can be proud of.

We are a united team, with a huge desire to be able to produce this narrative that is so special and unique to us. Our greatest desire is for it to be a film that touches people and doesn't leave them indifferent. For that, we need (now more than ever) your help!


The team consists of:

Director/Screenwriter: Mónica Martins

1st Assistant Director: Rúben Cruz

2nd Assistant Director: Ricardo Rebelo

3rd Assistant Director: Sofia Wates

Annotator: Maria Carita

Production Director: Iara Martins

Production Coordinator: Mariana Teixeira

Production Manager: Leonor Leitmann

1st Production Assistant: Karina Gennaro, Iris Sequeira, Rafaela Seco

Director of Photography: Miguel Costa

Camera: Miguel Costa

Focus Puller : Rodrigo Godinho

2nd Image Assistant: Hugo Leça

Chief Illuminator: André Alves

Lighting assistant: Carlos Zenida, João Fangueiro, Rodrigo Pedras

Chief Engineer: Duarte Carvalho

Video assistant: Duarte Felgueiras

Data Wrangler: Lara Brito

Scene Photography: João Trindade

Making-of: Vasco Soares, Luis Lin

Production Designer: Tairine Rosa

Chief Decorator: Song Almeida

Art Assistant: Carlota Sempere

Propist: Joana Seixas

Costume designer: Luiza Ferreira

Wardrobe Chief : Maria Francisca

Wardrobe Assistant: Edson Etaungo

Ass Makeup and Hair: Roberta Dlionello

Post-production coordinator: Francisco Correia

Editors: Tomás Lourenço, Mónica Martins

Editing Assistant: Daniel Fernandes

Colorists: João Peixoto, Miguel Costa

Generic, credits, graphics: Francisco Santos

Responsible for Marketing and Web Promotion: Edson Etaungo, Leonor Leitmann

Creation of Promotional Materials: Maria Batista

Trailer montage: Guilherme Pica

Making Of Editing: Luis Lin, Vasco Soares

EPK: Constança Batista

Subtitling : Guilherme Pica




Budget and due dates

In the 'Baía de Luanda' project, due to its complexity, it will have a high production cost and, therefore, we need to raise extra funding. Your help is extremely important to us! Even if you can't contribute monetarily, help us by sharing our campaign with as many people as you know.


  • Production department- €1300.00
  • Art Department – €600.00
  • Image department – €150.00
  • Marketing- €100.00
  • PPL commission – €110.70


Filming Dates

From the 23rd to the 27th of March.

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