"Linha" series

"Linha" series

Three friends from the Sintra rail line united by music: Válter, Yuri and Edi. The train line is also the line that separates innocence from crime and violence.

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Three friends from the Sintra rail line united by music: Válter, Yuri and Edi. The train line is also the line that separates innocence from crime and violence.


In the Queluz-Belas area, on the Sintra line, Edi, Yuri and Válter are surrounded by crime: gangs, drug trafficking, robberies; situations that, for them, have become normal. Their time is divided between school and the time they spend writing beats, listening to music and walking around the Sintra line. Under pressure from Jay Dogg, the leader of the RXR Boyz, the three guys will have to decide which side of the line they want to be on, eventually having to make choices that could completely change their existence.

Estação de Queluz-Belas


A 18 year old boy, was born in Angola and came to Portugal at the age of 12 with his mother and sister. Currently lives in Queluz-Belas. His real motivation is his passion for music and since he was 14 years old he has written his lyrics. His time is spent between school and being with his best friends, Yuri and Válter. Even trying to refuse neighborhood life, he is forced to have to act like a marginal at various times in his life in order to survive.


A young man of 20 years, was born in Portugal but is the son of Angolan parents. Currently lives in Queluz-Belas. He sells drugs and makes small assaults to survive. His main objective is to be known by everyone and to leave the neighborhood. He began to write songs under the influence of Edi. He rarely takes a shower and is repeatedly warned by his friends that he smells bad. He is a small drug dealer for Jay Dogg and is a member of the RXR Boyz gang, and is now being threatened by him for owing him money.


A 16 teenage boy, was born in Portugal and lives in Queluz-Belas with his mother. He is a naive and influential boy, his great inspiration and his mentor is Edi. One day he wants to become a famous rapper and share a stage with Edi and Yuri. He fears everything that happens in neighborhood life and has only managed to survive until now by having Edi as his friend. He never took drugs, despite always trying to get Yuri to sell him grass, but Edi doesn't allow it.

Jay Dogg

23 year-old man, was born in Cape-Verde and came to Portugal at the age of 15. He grew up in Amadora and moved to Queluz-Belas. He established himself as one of the heads of the RXR Boyz gang, with the job of recruiting young people to sell drugs and weapons. His big goal is to get rich and have everyone fear and respect him in the area. He also wants to get Edi to join his gang.

About the author

The team of the "Linha" series consists of a group of students from the 2nd year of Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and Sound Sciences and Technologies from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies.

We are a group of students who is very proud of this project and works daily on it in order to do the best job possible. The reason why this topic is addressed in our project is because it's not something that is much talked about in society without being taboo. Your help is crucial for the realization of the project, for which we pay back in the best possible way through our rewards and for the final work produced.



Showrunner: Ana Lourenço

Directors: Rodrigo Godinho and Vasco Soares

1st Assistant Director: Maria Beatriz Castelo

Annotator: Mariana Cabanita


Executive Producer: Iara Martins

Line Producer: Bea Castelos

Production Coordinator: Henrique Marques

Head of Production: Ana Gabrielle Stradiotto


Director of Photography: Miguel Faustino

Gaffer: João Peixoto

Key Grip: Hugo Leça


Production Designer: Carlota Sempere

Set Designer: Leonor Soveral

Costume Designer: Rita Rodrigues

Head of Wardrobe: Débora Paulino

Makeup and Hair: Débora Ribeiro


Sound Engineer: António Silva


Alto de Queluz


Editors: Tomás Lourenço and Miguel Rodrigues

Sound editing: Simão Gouveia

Sound mix: Ricardo Costa

Music: Alexandu Paleologu and Ricardo Costa

Graphics and Credits: Francisco Santos

Colorist: Isa Sequeira


Head of Strategy and Distribution: Diogo Valadares

Promotion and Marketing Coordinators: Edson Etaungo and Diogo Dias

Web Content Producer: Karina Gennaro

Promotion of Social Networks: Tomás Pedreira

Webdesigner: Duarte Felgueiras


Logo design: Miguel Caroço (instagram: dexdovale)

Budget and due dates

Our expenses during the filming period are distributed as follows:

Production: 150 €

Art: 250 €

Image: € 120

Transmedia: 20 €

PPL Commission (5%): € 60.89

Filming will take place between the 22nd and 27th of April.

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