Limbo is a theatrical monologue, in which the action takes place in a limbo between life and death, where a racist woman, reviewing her memories, finds what could be called a cu...

Limbo is a theatrical monologue, in which the action takes place in a limbo between life and death, where a racist woman, reviewing her memories, finds what could be called a cure for this discriminatory condition.

The absolute essential for the acomplishment of this project exists: a team. We just need a little financial push to cover production-related expenses, such as production and rental of materials, rental of rehearsal space, communication and dissemination of production and other logistical details.

We turned to family, friends and friends of friends to help us in this mission and we are now turning to PPL, hoping to reach a more significant mass of people. Any help is welcome and, starting from a certain amount, we offer rewards as a form of thanks.

Note about rewards:   all rewards, with the exception of the "thank you" message, will be delivered after November 13th, the final date of the first performance season.

About the author

We are a team of emerging artists, professionals in the field of the performing arts and whose association is due to the common enthusiasm for theatrical production and creation.  

We believe that art has a duty to actively intervene in the social issues of its time, paying attention to their pertinence and necessarily playing an active role in the continuous debate, aiming at positive social progression in this domain.
Xenophobia and racism are very current discrimination problems that have gained increasing visibility within the current socio-political debate. A research work was carried out that sought to answer a series of questions related to the theme, seeking to understand how xenophobia and racism arise, how they develop and what mechanisms of survival they find thorught time.
A monologue was developed, translating the point of view of a racist woman (played by the actress Joana Sarabando ) who commits suicide, following an introspective process that she cannot bear.
We conducted our intervention through the creation of an imaginary space, Limbo, the fate of the suicidal, in which they live in a kind of loop, constantly confronting themselves with the fundamental decisions of their lives and from which they only leave (they die for good) when they are able to admit their own mistakes.
For the artistic creation, the text appears as the first contribution, complemented by proposals from the other creative areas (Scenography, Costumes, Sound, Light) resulting in the final product, the show.
What we are looking for is to emphasize the importance of stopping to think. We live on the run and we lack time/space for introspection. We intend, without fatalism, to alert consciences to the need for introspection in useful time.    

This production is a collective creation of:

Diana Estrela, Joana Sarabando, Maria da Fonte and Pedro Freitas

Find out more about us on social media, or contact us directly :

Budget and due dates


Creator cachets (total) - €3,000.00

Rental of scenographic material - €500.00

Scenography production - €300.00

Audiovisual registration - €200.00

Rehearsal space rental - €140.00

Communication and production design - €400.00

PPL commissions - €460.00



19 September - 28 October: Rehearsal period

30 October - 1 November: Technical Tests and Assisted Testing

2 - 13 November: Premiere and performances

November 25th and 26th: Replacement

6 - 11 December: Replacement

January (days to be defined): Post-Production - Team meeting to analyze the work done and close production

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