The Dream of the Magic Drink!

The Dream of the Magic Drink!

The dream of multiplying a magic drink, became a plan, to be now a reality with a great challenge! Let's dream together for a better world!

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The dream of multiplying a magic drink, became a plan, to be now a reality with a great challenge! Let's dream together for a better world!

A dream comes true, as long as we believe in it ! This is our mantra.... We believe in the transforming power of the Kombucha Universe and its ability to promote more positive, conscious and healthy habits.

We dream of a world with less soft drinks and more Kombuchas, less preservatives and more life, less plastics and more nature. We fight for a more natural and less artificial world.

We were born at a time when the challenge could not be greater: March 2020, the start of Covid in Portugal and the first quarantine!

Obstacles made us stronger and since then, we have been following a constant evolutionary process ! Allied to external challenges, which were not few, other internal well-known for the “growing pains” of any business have appeared to us.

The campaign was designed with the objective of solving our current problem, which boils down to the fact that we have not yet reached a balance between revenue and costs. But we are almost there! In order to achieve financial sustainability, we need to increase our production capacity.

We set up this crowdfunding, as it was the best way we found, within our realities, to make our next step feasible. Therefore, your support and help will be essential for us to continue our dream with the purpose of creating a better world.

We've created some prizes to make everything more fun and interactive, but you can also make donations or simply share this campaign and help us spread the word about the Good Drink! Thank you very much!

About the author

My name is Gonçalo Campos, I'm 28 years old and I was born in Portugal, but I grew up in Rio de Janeiro.

It was in Rio where I started working, for the first time, after graduating in Business Management.
I worked for more than 4 years at the best communication company in Brazil, but always with a clear dream to fulfill: traveling around the world .

It was on this magical journey where I met the Kombucha Universe! After 3 years traveling I gained inspiration to live a new dream : to return to the country where I was born to multiply the drink of Good .

[IMAGE: 874601:1]

In September 2019 I returned to Portugal with the challenge of turning a dream into reality.

We created a special Kombucha after 6 months of many tests and feedback from our supporters, and we also developed the Kombucha Kit with the mission to multiply the Kombucha culture and its benefits . So far, we've helped almost 1000 people to start their own production at home :)

And that's how we started and that's how we continued, growing organically, with your support and a lot of persistence.

[IMAGE: 874601:2]

Budget and due dates

So we set 2 goals based on our needs and adjusted to sustainable growth, which are:

The goal of enabling

Raising the support that allows us to make the essential investments to gain the productive capacity that will bring us to a point of balance.

Semi-manual 6 nozzle filler (with liquid transfer and transport included) €1,950
2 500 liter fermenters (accessories and transport included) 1,150.00 €
Increase in the Cold Room €645.00
PPL commission €374.50
Total 4,119.50 €

The goal of improvement

We will be able to continue to improve our artisanal process, which will remain in essence, but will improve in efficiency.

manual labeler €707.00
Pneumatic capper €575.00
PPL commission 128.20 €
Total €1,410.20
  • Everyones little is a lot, thank you!

    Invest with
    5€ or more

    Everyones little is a lot, thank you!

    Thanks on our website on an exclusive page with all our supporters, as well as getting a personal 30% discount code for 6 months.

    Shipping included (to Portugal)

    36 backers

  • MAI re-tote

    Invest with
    15€ or more

    MAI re-tote

    A sustainable bag, with 100% recyclable fabric, one thousand and one uses and with the style of the MAI Kombucha Universe.

    Shipping included (to Portugal)

    29 backers

  • MAI Universe T-Shirt

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    30€ or more

    MAI Universe T-Shirt

    T-shirt with 100% recycled cotton, inspired by the MAI Universe.

    Shipping included (to Portugal)

    10 backers

  • Consulting for Sustainable Home Production of Kombucha

    Invest with
    40€ or more

    Consulting for Sustainable Home Production of Kombucha

    A 1-hour talk via Zoom to define an efficient process and techniques that facilitate consistent and healthy production. Suggested recipes and monitoring via WhatsApp for a month. Includes 200 grams of Bio Green Tea.

    Shipping included (to Portugal)

    6 backers

  • Pack 24 MAI Kombucha 25cl

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    45€ or more

    Pack 24 MAI Kombucha 25cl

    A pack of 24 250 ml Kombuchas with assorted flavors (GInger, Lemon, Apple, Turmeric, Pineapple). Shipping included and 25% off!

    Shipping included (to Portugal)

    27 backers

  • Club MAI semester subscription

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    265€ or more

    Club MAI semester subscription

    Receive 8 bottles of Kombucha MAI 75cl monthly for 6 months, in the comfort of your own home, in a more sustainable subscription model and at a special price. The reusable bottles will be collected, sanitized and with their new use cycle they fight waste and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70% compared to single-use glass bottles.

    Shipping included (to Portugal)

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