"Ip&Op no hip-hop" - Children musical project
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"Ip&Op no hip-hop" - Children musical project

"Ip &Op no hip-hop" is a musical project for children between the ages of 3 and 10. The main goals of this project are the happiness and proper development of the children troug...

"Ip &Op no hip-hop" is a musical project for children between the ages of 3 and 10. The main goals of this project are the happiness and proper development of the children trough dancing and music.

"Ip & Op no hip hop" is a new musical project for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years of age with the aim of sensitizing them to a variety of subjects essential to their development. To get the message transmited, we rely on the joyful rhythms of hip-hop trough fun and simple choreographies that catch the attention of children.

Handwashing was the chosen subject for 2018 and was a great success among children in schools and pre-schools. We made our first book and a videoclip related to this subject. We also had the opportunity to help those who needed the most. "Ajudar a Fabiana", a campaign for a child that suffered from a rare desease, was one of the solidarity campaigns we joined and part of our revenues reverted in favor of Fabiana's treatments.

We want 2019 to be the way to a new challenge and to approach important subjects as recycling, its importance and the impact it has on our planet. And to do that, we want to make more videoclips and a book that can help, once again, to spread the word among children.

We need your help to make our wishes come alive!

ip&op no hip-hop e o presente de natal

ip&op no hip-hop e o presente de natal

About the author

This project took shape in 2016 and since then has already performed in countless schools and pre-schools, always with very positive results. The Ip & Op project has already published a book, related to the subject of handwashing, and made several video clips.

Ip & Op, Nelson Plácido and André Duarte respectively, are both trained in dance and dedicate much of their professional activity specifically to it. Nelson even has his own Academy of Dance. Both were awarded in several national and international competitions (André was the national champion in the category of amateur salsa and Nelson was the national and international champion in the category of professional salsa). They also perform regularly in public.

The Project emerged as a challenge and an old desire of both to cultivate the taste for dance and music among children while transmiting healthy messages and good habits to their development.

Ip&Op no hip-hop

Ip&Op no hip-hop

Budget and due dates

At this moment, we have the ambition to expand our project and make a new book on the subject of recycling and new video clips with new choreographies, so that we can continue the work we have been developing!

We would like to ask you to collaborate in our project and help with whatever value you can! Whatever it is, it will be supporting not only individual people, but a project that has in essence children's happiness and their good development!

This campaign is intended to help pay the production costs of:

4 video clips: Ip & Op no hip-hop and recycling, Ip & Op no hip-hop - Left and right, Ip & Op no hip-hop - I want your hug, Ip & Op no hip-hop and toothbrushing.
1 book: Ip & Op no hip-hop and recycling.


Illustration and editing of the 4 musical videos: 1500 €
Pagination and illustration of the book: 800 €
5% + VAT - (PPL Commission)
2.5% + VAT - Costs associated with means of payment (PayPal, Multibanco, etc.).

Thank you for your attention and cooperation!

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