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With your donation and just a minimum of €1, you are helping to raise funds to purchase hospital supplies, to support medical teams, hospitals or people in need of medical care ...

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With your donation and just a minimum of €1, you are helping to raise funds to purchase hospital supplies, to support medical teams, hospitals or people in need of medical care at the borders with Ukraine.

I am a nurse by profession and have always been supportive of all situations that imply human suffering. We are currently living a very difficult period for everyone and after two years of a pandemic that has taken so many lives, at the moment, the situation is even more difficult, for those who are going through a war, losing their loved ones, leaving their country. with nothing, just with the aim of saving life.

Every day we witness terrible images, which shock and touch us in such a profound way, which once again brought to light how supportive the Portuguese people can be. For this reason, I couldn't help but get involved and help those who are currently on the ground to help, all those who need health care, despite knowing that there are many humanitarian and solidarity initiatives throughout the country. and that many people have already contributed in any way they could.

Thus, the objective of this fundraising is to be able to buy from healthcare companies , dressing, orthopedic material, compresses, bandages and first-aid material, which the common person, when wanting to help, is unable to do so in large quantities. If I get the desired amount, I will have the collaboration of Dr. Andriy Krystopchuk, Ukrainian and doctor at the ICU of the Hospital de Faro, to send to Львівське клінічне територіальне медичне об'єднання” (Medical Association of Lviv city hospitals), all the material we can acquire.

The Director of this association is called Myskiv Andriy and it is a state association of hospitals in the city of Lviv, which was created to improve logistics and which includes the ша міська лікарня імені Князя Лева,(Prince Leo's First Municipal Hospital), the та міська лікарня (Fourth Municipal Hospital), та міська лікарня (Fifth Municipal Hospital) and Mіський госпіc (Municipal Hospital). If, on the other hand, we get more than the intended amount, we will make a donation to Amnesty International which is in Ukraine helping in the humanitarian corridors. As I mentioned, I know that there are already many asking for help and monetary contributions, but I'm counting on you, to help me HELP AND SAVE LIVES ALL TOGETHER!!!!!

About the author

My name is Sandra Carvalho, a nurse for 18 years with heart and soul and therefore, in addition to the professional side, I have always been involved in solidary causes. So speaking, a little about myself, I was part of the first group of women who joined the Portuguese army in 1992, with a view to later following Nursing and with the intention of participating in missions. I ended up going into Nursing, but already as a civilian. I finished the course in 2003 and at the moment I am working at the Hospital de Santa Luzia de Elvas. I was part of the first delegation of the Portuguese Association of Relatives and Friends of Alzheimer's Patients in Elvas, which unfortunately, due to lack of elements, ended up closing. I was later diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which made me embrace this cause to heart and help others like me who struggle daily with this disease and its limitations. I am currently the coordinator of the Delegation of the Portuguese Society of Multiple Sclerosis of Portalegre and I organized the first Health Fair in Elvas, in 2019. Considering my path and my person, I couldn't help but get involved and try to help in some way. forms the Ukrainian people, hence this initiative of mine, for which I hope I can count on everyone's support.

Promotora desta Campanha - Sandra Carvalho

Budget and due dates

When raising the desired value, the next step is to purchase the material described, and the quantities and prices are dependent on the value raised and later the discount made by the companies to which I will place orders. All material that is ordered will be delivered to Dr Andriy Krystopchuk and sent to the Medical Association of Hospitals in the city of Lviv, Ukraine.

  • Material Listing :
  • sheet for burns
    Non-sterile TNT compresses (100 units)
    Aquacel AG Extra 5 x 5 cm x 10 dressings
    cotton orthopedic bandages
    100% cotton sterile gauze pads
    ParaffiNET sterile paraffin gauze 10x10 cm
    purified Vaseline
    Disinfectant Wipe with 70% Alcohol
    Spray dressing, plastic skin effect
    Omnifilm Microperforated Adhesive
    instant cold pack
    From the Burnshield Hydrogel range, sterile compress for burns
    digital thermometers
    Universal Scissors
    Fielchenfeld Shard Tweezers
    Straight Dissection Forceps
    No. 4 Scalpel Handle, standard
    Surgical instrument kit for minor surgery
    Automatic Digital Arm Tensiometer
    Finger oximeter for home or professional use
    Classic Stethoscope with Double Bell
    emergency stretchers
    emergency canvas
    Wooden splints, padded
    Adjustable Cervical Collar
    Equipped Professional Emergency Suitcase
    Adapted bag for emergency medical interventions
    Large first aid bag
    Refill Kit for Caduceus Professional Bags STD or PRO

  • BD Insyte™ Intravenous Catheter
    BD Connecta™ 3-Way Faucet
    System for administering intravenous solutions
    Disposable Endotracheal Tube.
    Balloon Manual Resuscitator
    Oropharyngeal Tube (Guedel)

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