There are no weeds!
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There are no weeds!

Creation of a sunscreen SPF 30 with spontaneous plants.

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Creation of a sunscreen SPF 30 with spontaneous plants.

We want to expand our small range of products, betting on the creation of a natural sunscreen for the face: although there is increasing demand for this type of product, there is still little supply (and there are no Portuguese brands that do it).

Daily use of a sunscreen is extremely important for skin health: although the sun is a "mood enhancer", we also know that its rays can be harmful. Yet few people use sunscreen on a daily basis - and that's even in a sunny country like Portugal. We intend to contribute to changing this habit, by running a campaign about its importance on social networks, together with partner digital influencers. On the other hand, we also want to contribute to the adoption of more sustainable consumption habits, since chemical sunscreens are harmful to the environment.

Finally, we will take the opportunity to continue producing content around the importance of spontaneous flora, which will also enter in the composition of the new product.

About the author

Herbes Folles is a unique brand of cosmetics made with weeds, created to help you achieve beautiful skin and to celebrate nature's power and resilience - with as few products as possible, we highly appreciate minimalism! With the help and inspiration of the most common spontaneous plants, our products have been carefully formulated to offer protection and balance to your skin.

Born in a pandemic context, we want to diversify our offer with the ambition to offer supplements for the body's overall health - which the skin reflects -, always valuing simple weeds.

NATRUE certified, vegan & without palm oil, Herbes Folles is also a 1% member for the Planet.

Amor pela tanchagem, uma das plantas já usadas nos nossos produtos

Budget and due dates

The formulation of the product is the phase that takes the longest.

We expect to launch the sunscreen in late winter / early spring 2022.

PHASE 1 - Research of medicinal properties of plants and creation of product formula + necessary tests

- Laboratory: 3000€.

PHASE 2 - Product packaging design

- Designer: 250€

PHASE 4 - Creation of awareness content about the importance of using sunscreen

- Copywriter + photographer 150€.

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