Glimpse the project

Glimpse the project

We are a group of five friends who are executing an audiovisual production consisting of a short film, web series and an entire transmedia and crossmedia universe :)

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We are a group of five friends who are executing an audiovisual production consisting of a short film, web series and an entire transmedia and crossmedia universe :)

Glimpse is an experimental project about the search for self-knowledge and discovery of identity, narrated by the personification of reflection, an omniscient and omnipresent entity, metaphorically an absolute truth of the present, over the course of a single day, through the perspective of different characters.

A transmedia project and universe, it features a short film, physical objects (merch), future exhibitions and, currently, the production of a web series.

At this moment, we intend to raise monetary funds so that we can better continue the entire project.

Given the unique opportunity we are taking advantage of by having a partnership and possible future acquisition of the project by RTP, we want to work as hard as we can to make this project the best we can, which implies some additional costs that we cannot cover without external monetary help. , since we are university students, this help will be applied to audiovisual material, transportation and food for actors, but mainly to human resources. We count on all the help we can get to be able to execute and bring this project to the end and, in some way, contribute to the culture of our country.

Below are the promotional video and short film of the project, available on YouTube :)

About the author

We are a group of five friends and students from the University of Aveiro made up of Joana Matos, Leni Lončarić, Luís Ferreira, Maria Canas and Maria Oliveira. "Glimpse" is a Master's project in Audiovisual Communication for New Media, by the University of Aveiro in partnership with RTP.

Initially the entire concept was created with the aim of creating just a short film, but given the complexity and possible continuation, we decided to expand this project to different media, both physical and digital, interactive and non-interactive. We are currently producing a web series, in which we face a more difficult obstacle, monetary funds.

All work done so far has been carried out without any fixed budget, but we appreciate any and all possible help.


Budget and due dates

With the short film already released on February 13, 2024, the premiere of the web series (pilot) is scheduled for April 13. The remaining episodes will be released individually after this date, with no fixed date scheduled. All actors involved are working free of charge, however, we are committed to paying for transportation and food for everyone involved, some of whom come from places far from the filming areas, which implies increased costs in this regard. For the first episode (recorded over 4 days between March 27th and April 1st) we spent around €72 for transport and food for the main actress (4 days), plus around €40 for the secondary actress who only appeared in one of the episodes. days, totaling a bill of €112. We have 4 more episodes left to record, which will be recorded from the end of April/beginning of May, some with even more actors, in similar or slightly shorter time frames, so we expect to spend around €100-200 for each remaining episode. , in this respect. Furthermore, certain props used during filming have to be purchased by us and paid for out of pocket (around €20 - €30 maximum, per episode, if necessary). All funds raised during this campaign will be used to cover these costs.

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