Re (Living) the Senses - Snoezelen Room
Giving Tuesday 2020

Re (Living) the Senses - Snoezelen Room

Creation of a multisensory therapy space - Snoezelen Room

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Creation of a multisensory therapy space - Snoezelen Room

The institution

CSSPJFR is an IPSS that provides support to the senior population in day care social responses, home care service and ERPI - residential structure for the elderly, currently with a total of 81 users. The CSSPJFR aims to: provide permanent and adequate services to the biopsychosocial problem, contribute to an active aging, quality of life and well-being of the user, and enhance social integration. To this end, the center has a multidisciplinary team of technicians specialized in different areas such as cognitive and physical rehabilitation, caregiver training, psychology service, personal development activities, among others.

The project

The techniques used in Snoezelen therapy provide comfort and allow users to experience different sensations using individual or combined effects. In this way, by crossing music, sounds, lights, colors, soft vibrations, textures and aromatherapy, in a safe environment, we aim to promote self-control, autonomy, exploration and discovery. It also allows to stimulate the primary senses without having to resort to intellectual capacities, privileging the sensorial ones. This variety of activities allows therapies to be unique and tailored to each person while exploring the patient's needs and preferences. It therefore has a major impact on the quality of life of those who experience it.

Your contribution

The amount raised will be applied to the purchase of equipment to equip the room we have available for this purpose in CSSPJFR. It will also be applied in the training and training of technicians for the practice of Snoezelen therapy. The company “No Barriers” was asked for a budget to equip the room with the necessary materials whose total value is € 9957.43. This budget includes, among others, the following materials: waterbed, acrylic mirror, water column, fiber optics, light source, led projector and discs, stereo system, aromatherapy kit, sensory kit, giant balls, dice and aromatic, vibrating pad. As you can see, this project has a high value that we will not be able to handle without your support.


Daniela Canastra - 249 836 589

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About the author

The Father José Filipe Rodrigues Social Solidarity Center is a Private Social Solidarity Institution, established on May 5, 1989. This Institution is based in the parish of Zibreira, municipality of Torres Novas.

Primarily aimed at supporting the elderly population with difficulties or lack of insertion in the family environment, the Center also promotes the monitoring / support to individuals whose need or social dysfunction justify their intervention.

The Social Center is active at national level but its main area of activity is in the parishes of Zibreira, Church Partners, Ribeira Branca and Santa Maria.
In order to pursue its objectives, the Father José Filipe Rodrigues Center for Social Solidarity was organized into three areas: Day Center, Home Support and 7-Day Home Support.

Budget and due dates

O valor angariado será aplicado na aquisição de material para equipar a sala que temos disponível para este efeito no CSSPJFR. Será também aplicado na capacitação e formação de técnicos para a prática da terapia Snoezelen. Foi solicitado à empresa “Sem Barreiras” um orçamento para equipar a sala com os materiais necessários. Esse orçamento contempla, entre outros, os seguintes materiais: cama de água, espelho acrílico, coluna de água, fibras óticas, fonte de luz, projetor led e discos, aparelhagem de som, kit para aromaterapia, kit sensorial, bolas gigantes, dado sonoro e aromático, almofada vibratória. Como podem verificar este projeto tem um elevado valor que não poderemos comportar sem o vosso apoio.

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