For a happier Christmas!
Giving Tuesday

For a happier Christmas!

A happier Christmas for the girls living in Casa da Estrela!

A happier Christmas for the girls living in Casa da Estrela!

Casa da Estrela is a Residential Care Home for Children and Youth, in Lisbon.

For several reasons we youngsters had to be separated from our families and so there are up to 16 girls living together in each of our two Houses.

Our daily life is similar to so many other young people this age. We wake up early, have breakfast, get ready and off to school!

After classes we come home, do our tasks and homework, talk to the adults that care for us, have dinner, chat with our friends or watch TV and… suddenly it’s bedtime! In this Home we feel safe and our sleep is peaceful.

We are girls and love new clothes and accessories. This Christmas we hope to receive gift cards from cool stores so we can go shopping together. We would also like to do some outdoor and leisure activities during Christmas holidays, going to the movies and the theatre and getting to know new places.

To make this possible, we need your support.

About the author

CASA DA ESTRELA is a Residential Care Home for Children and Youth, in Lisbon, managed by CPJ – Centro de Promoção Juvenil, a private association providing social care services since 1897. For over a century youngsters have lived part of their lives in this Home, being empowered to deal with the challenges of adulthood.

We welcome up to 32 female children and young people who, for several reasons, have been parted from their families by rule of a Family and Juvenile Court, or a Committee on Protection of Children and Youth.

CASA DA ESTRELA aims to promote social integration, supported on life projects detailed for each youngster, designed by a set of social professionals, promoting psychological support, health care, education and affective relationships.

Recently, Casa da Estrela has divided the Home into two residential Houses, each being able to welcome up to of 16 youngsters; this allowed for a closer and more familiar environment and for an intervention increasingly individualized, centred on the specific needs and emotional characteristics of each child and youth.

Budget and due dates

We have no established budget. All actions taken for this purpose will be the responsibility of the institution itself and by its own means.

Punctual Giving Tuesday Campaign

Funds raised will go to Casa da Estrela girls: Christmas gifts and activities

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