Women Farmers
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Women Farmers

Purchase 1 pair of oxen and 1 “canga” (piece of wood that joins the oxen)

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Purchase 1 pair of oxen and 1 “canga” (piece of wood that joins the oxen)

Taking in consideration the social reality of the rural community of Rovene, at Inhambane Province, In Mozambique, managed by women/mothers, where the population practices subsistence agriculture, living below the poverty line and, in the expectation of trying to end hunger and promote sustainable agriculture, is our goal to

Purchase 1 pair of oxen and 1 “canga” (piece of wood that joins the oxen)


  • 180 Women farmers

  • 200 children/young adults



  • Optimize work in the field

  • Allow Women to make better use of their day

  • Rental of the oxen joint to other communities, thus creating an opportunity for income.

About the author

"Me and my brothers" is an NGOD (non-governmental organization for development) since June 1, 2010, recognized and registered by Instituto Camões.


Support, emotional and human, to orphaned and vulnerable children whose parents died of AIDS. Design, develop and implement social measures in order to achieve the sustainable development of orphaned and vulnerable children, as well as their communities.


  • Ensure the satisfaction of the basic needs of orphaned and vulnerable children (nutrition, health, clothing, education, water and sanitation) by contributing to:
  • the eradication of extreme poverty;
  • promote educational success and socio-professional inclusion
  • technically and financially support the development of income-generating activities, reducing the financial dependence on donations.


Budget and due dates

700€ - till end of december 19

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