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Closest to All - Contact Center

Fighting the isolation of the elderly: shortening distances and strengthening ties with family and friends

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Fighting the isolation of the elderly: shortening distances and strengthening ties with family and friends

General Purpose :


Shorten distances and strengthen bonds (old and new) to break the isolation and social exclusion of older people.


Specific Objectives :


- Bringing together seniors in isolation and exclusion by extending the geographical scope of the Day Center shuttle service to members who are further away, isolated / out of company, bringing them closer to other peers with a common interest - the Club, in a social response. differentiated by care, attention, work and the environment - only possible with a second car and that makes a lower consumption than the current 9 seats.


- Bringing generations together through digital literacy, educating those born in the new technologies to "better understand" the current world and reduce the generational gap between grandparents and children / grandchildren.


- Bringing the elderly closer to families who have seen emigrating in search of a better future through new technologies, creating a Contact Center, which aims to facilitate the contact of our users and other stakeholders with their distant relatives, providing a place and the necessary equipment, as well as the training to know how to do it.


Needs :


  • 6 laptops with good processor;
  • volunteer teachers for computer classes.


Objectives: Elderly

About the author

The Lions Group of Portugal, was founded on October 17, 1984 at the initiative of a group of members of the Sporting Clube de Portugal with a high sense of solidarity, who decided to meet with the intention of supporting the sportinguistas, boosting activities for the occupation. leisure and promoting social actions for the benefit of members and their families in order to address or minimize some of their problems by offering them company in solitude, giving them words of encouragement and hope because “the feeling of abandonment leads them to not endure life or the threats that hang over it ”(Pais, M., 2006: 147), thus designating Leões de Portugal - Sportinguist Solidarity Group , being the genesis of the current Institution.

Budget and due dates

O valor pretendido corresponde ao custo da aquisição do material informático necessário para a implementação do projeto: computadores portáteis com bom processador e ratos óticos digitais para a utilização dos idosos, quer para as aulas de informática, quer para as sessões de videochamadas com os seus familiares.
Estas aulas e sessões serão gratuitas para todos os utentes do Centro de Dia.

Pretendemos que o projeto arranque no primeiro dia útil de fevereiro de 2020, será efetuada uma avaliação peródica semestral e continuará com os ajustes que sejam apurados na avaliação.

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