Together we are stronger!
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Together we are stronger!

Encourage and motivate hygiene habits and quality of life with users, and promoting their self-esteem.

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Encourage and motivate hygiene habits and quality of life with users, and promoting their self-esteem.

The Os Companheiros da Noite Association is a non-profit association that has been developing support for needy families and homeless individuals throughout the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira for 17 years.

We are currently working 50 people on a voluntary basis to serve around 270 people, including 48 families and in their household housing about 42 children under 12 years. It is hard work, responsibility, dedication, commitment, and selflessness - often putting above our own interests the service and mission that impels us every day to do more and better for those who trust us and depend on us. of our work.

Every Wednesday and Saturday we carry out our Laps of food distribution, hot meals and clothing, thus alleviating the discomfort of those who have little or nothing, no housing conditions or even no shelter, no financial resources or health to work. We also take a smile, a word, listen - and fight isolation, loneliness, depression - we talk and laugh together with those who have little desire to talk or laugh, but who, deep down, waits anxiously for those moments. Twice a month, we distribute baskets of groceries, fresh produce, meat, milk, and whatever we can get together with our local Patrons, "fill" the shelves of those who no longer shop because they have to pay bills. And we bring books so that the intellect does not stop, and the dream feeds.


Our Project on this platform consists of forming Multidisciplinary Teams to promote a Health and Wellness Screening Program with Users, in partnership with entities and professionals in the areas, with the objective of encouraging and motivating hygiene habits and quality of life. life with the Users, and promoting their self-esteem. In addition to the funding required to support this project, we are available to receive products that can contribute to it: special toiletries (incontinent diapers, wipes, pads, creams and lotions), disposable (gloves, caps, trash bags), hygiene and beauty products (shampoos, shower gel, soaps, bath sponges, hair brushes and combs, cotton swabs, deodorants, colonies), oral hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrushes , floss, elixirs), baby toiletries (diapers, wipes, body milk, diaper rash cream, shower gel) and cleaning products (laundry and dishwashing detergents, cleaning agents and disinfectants). A beautiful gift to enter the new year, in hygiene and beauty!



Fight against poverty and social exclusion, Health, Volunteering

About the author

The Association "The Companions of the Night" is a non-profit social solidarity association, based in Póvoa de Santa Iria, whose goal is the support of homeless and / or needy individuals, who live in situations of extreme need throughout the world. the geographical area of the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira.

This association was created by a group of young people who, in December 2002, decided to participate, in solidarity, in an evening round of support for the homeless in Lisbon. After this experience, they altruistically decide to start doing the same work, on Saturday nights, through the streets of Vila Franca Xira, distributing soup, food and clothes to the most disadvantaged.

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