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Meninos de Oiro needs a trolley to get further safely!

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Meninos de Oiro needs a trolley to get further safely!

Meninos de Oiro's main social response is the CAFAP O Farol Family Support and Parental Counseling Center.

The CAFAP The Lighthouse currently accompanies more than a hundred children and young people at risk or danger from the South Bank and is constantly on the move at home visits, appointments, meetings, etc.

As the geographical area of ​​intervention of Meninos de Oiro is very extensive, from Setúbal to Lisbon, including Azeitão, Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra, Seixal and Almada, the technical team is obliged to travel constantly.

Now this work is extremely important and cannot wait, so Meninos de Oiro urgently needs to buy a safe and reliable car. The cart that is used is almost 18 years old and is constantly damaged, making travel very risky!

And in order to achieve this, we need your help very much because, like most associations, we have severe financial constraints.

Thank you.

Well there is!

About the author

The Meninos de Oiro association is based in Azeitão and was born in 2003 with the Mission to defend the rights of the child, promoting the improvement of the conditions of parenting.

At the end of the same year, it was registered as an IPSS (Private Social Solidarity Institution) and recognized as a Public Utility Legal Entity. It has a multidisciplinary team of 8 employees, and its main social response is the Center for Family Support and Parental Counseling - CAFAP O Farol.

CAFAP has been accompanying hundreds of families with children and young people at risk / danger, in partnership with local institutions, initially only living in Azeitão, from 2015 also covering the entire municipality of Sesimbra, and since 2017 has also started working with families from Almada and Seixal.

It currently supports about 250 people, of which approximately 120 children and young people.

CAFAP has 3 intervention vectors:

1 - Family Preservation - Prevent the removal of children or young people from their natural environment;

2- Family Reunification - It aims at the return of the child or young person to their family environment, particularly in cases of foster care in a host institution or family, through a focused and intensive intervention that can take place in a home or community space;

3 - Family Meeting Point - It is a neutral and suitable space that aims at maintaining or reestablishing family bonds in cases of interruption or serious disturbance of family life, particularly in situations of parental conflict and marital separation.

Budget and due dates

€ 5,000 for the purchase of a second-hand car with warranty

Once that amount was available, we would immediately get the car because it is very urgent!

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 19:39

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