I Inspire I Rescue I Care     Exclusive therapy space for animals and with animals
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I Inspire I Rescue I Care Exclusive therapy space for animals and with animals

An exclusive therapy space for animals and with animals. INSPIRE (sensitize, inspire and breathe (in Portuguese de word “Inspirar” has double meaning and inspirational and breat...

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An exclusive therapy space for animals and with animals. INSPIRE (sensitize, inspire and breathe (in Portuguese de word “Inspirar” has double meaning and inspirational and breathing) (therapies, Yoga etc) RESCUE (rescue endangered cat colonies for adoption or relocation in our cat village village) CARE (take care of all animals as part of our family and take care of us) people, mind-body-spirit. And know that, by taking care of ourselves, we are inspiring our path and saving a life.

I Inspire I Rescue I Care Do see the video in English here (and share it!) https://youtu.be/zGMo6hiuxeo

Gatos do Jardim", the first real cat village in the country, is now promoting an innovative solidarity project that aims to save lives, animals and even humans and connect the welfare of people with the rescue and salvation of many animals. THERAPIES FOR ANIMALS AND WITH ANIMALS that also includes therapies, sessions and workshops for humans. 1 Yoga class = 1 life saved. 1 therapy session = 1 life saved. 1 workshop = 1 life saved. It will be the "Multi-Interaction Space", the soul of our mission. Inspired by the People's Meeting Dome (Denmark), it will be our link with the community, visible and available for multi-interactions. A space of ideas and actions thought by you and us always with the objective of animal welfare that will become the pillar of sustainability of our mission. A space for interaction in a didactic context; for conviviality, workshops and various events; for animal and animal therapies (Reiki, acupuncture, communication, physiotherapy); sessions of Yoga, Tai- chi, Chi Kung, etc.

In addition to the existing shelters, this project includes the construction of an area called “Rehoming”. It will be a fenced area, intended for the transition to adoption and / or resettlement in the village with an area of ​​care and interaction with animals. It will include a nursery for kittens and a nursing home for senior animals.

The project also foresees the construction of a “Multi-Interaction Space”, the soul of our mission. Inspired by the People’s Meeting Dome (Denmark), it will be our link to the community, visible and available for multi-interactions. In itself it will be na empty space to be filled with ideas. It can be used as a playground for kittens.

A space for interaction in didactic context; for socializing, workshops and various events; for therapies with humans and animals (reiki, acupuncture, communication, physiotherapy); Yoga sessions, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, etc.

A space to fill with ideas and actions having in mind the animal welfare that will be the sustainability pillar of our mission

Here is the vídeo in english: https://youtu.be/zGMo6hiuxeo

With your support we can

  • Build this groundbreaking project that will change mindsets
  • Save human lives and many endangered animals
  • Take care of rescued animals and give for adoption or rehome them in the village of Gatos do Jardim
  • Pay for all the health care animals need
  • Buy dry and wet food, cats litter, medication, beds, blankets, toys ...
  • Neuter and carry out the TNR program for sustainable colonies
  • Continue to strive for what we believe and use the multi-interaction space to give lectures and workshops on animal health and welfare, but also on a life without cruelty to them (cosmetic / vegan food / sustainability and harmony with the planet)
  • Continue to dream and go further towards the dream of the sanctuary concept.                           

                        Join us in this wonderful mission.

To know our story and mission do visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gatosdojardim/

About the author

In the Garden of Cats Life has a Value, not a Cost.

We are the “Garden of Cats” (Gatos do Jardim)

We were born from a a huge amount of work and dedication to an existing cat colony, the "Garden of Cats" that has been around for 9 years, and we formed the ONG with the same name in September 2016 to better help and protect them and to take responsibility for them - the "Gatos do Jardim cat village" the first true cat village in the country, built under the 2015 Cascais Participatory Budgeting Project, OP15, which won the community vote.

 The inauguration of the village of Gatos do Jardim was on September 7, 2017.
Gatos do Jardim’s mission:
We prioritize the quality and love of treatment / protection and not the quantity. Each being is special and we want to treat each one with the greatest care and responsibility.  We do not intend to have a cattery where animals live in cages.  We dream of the concept of sanctuary where animals live in their habitat, protected, safe and happy.  They will all have the veterinary care they need. We want the village of Gatos do Jardim to be a point of reference for Cascais and Portugal and to set an example of how to care for animals. We want to see stray animals, in this case cats, but all animals in general, not as a plague to eliminate but as our companions and neighbours that we should care and love.  We aim to re-educate the population through actions, events and even simply observing this colony, making them sensible to adoption and protection of animals.
We love all animals but focus on the magic of the cat. Cats are extremely sensitive animals, we believe that cohabiting with cats is therapeutic in itself and we want to go further by helping them through alternative therapies when they need them and  harness their presence for therapies with human beings. Cats clean us, cure us, they are extremely complex, telepathic and magical beings. We want to make people aware of this wonderful animal through our therapies or simply by observing and interacting with them helping to promote more adoptions but also to change the stigma that still exists around saying that this animal is a plague. Do is not enough. We have to change mindsets for a more animal-sensitive world.
Awareness raising is the keyword of everything we do.
Awareness of the benefits of adoption (adopting an animal is really good for your health), awareness of abuse and abandonment, safety awareness, animal welfare and health care, awareness of alternative treatments and therapies, awareness of more natural nutrition and preventive medicine, awareness of wandering animals, awareness of volunteering, etc.

We are the Garden Cats dreaming of an animal Sanctuary.
Join us in this wonderful mission.

Budget and due dates

We will build this project in phases: when we have raised € 8000 we will build the Multi Interaction Space that will help us fund the rest of the project as well.
By raising more 9000 € we will be able to put the fence of Re-Homing Space. And by raising another 10000 € we completed the project with the shelters and the nursery / senior space that also includes the space landscaping project. You can consult here the plans and budgets. These figures include the PPL platform commission.


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